Stills from 2015 Award Winning Films, Various Directors


The day after the the 2nd Annual Other Worlds Austin SciFi Film Festival OWA announced the winners for its Best Feature Audience Award, Best Short Audience Award (sponsored by Film Colossus, the inaugural Mary Shelley Award (sponsored by Canine Productions and awarded by an all-female jury of high profile industry members), and the Cthulhies awards, selected by the OWA programmers.

The Audience selected alternate history deadpan mockumentary NO MEN BEYOND THIS POINT Best Feature and effects-laden action thriller ADEN Best Short. “I love having our audience as our jury,” says Bears Fonté, OWA Founder and Artistic Director. “Sitting in the crowd during the screening of Mark Sawers' NO MEN BEYOND THIS POINT, it was clear the film was resonating with them as more than just a piece of entertainment. It stirred up conversations between attendees all weekend, which is the point of great SciFi, to allow us to look at our own world in a new way.” The film follows the life of the last man born into the world, a world where women have been giving birth asexually since the 1950s. No Men Beyond This Point made its North American premiere at the Toronto International FIlm Festival and will receive a theatrical release from Samuel Goldwyn Films in 2016.

In ADEN, a man stays one step ahead of nefarious forces in the race to find a child who may hold the key to mankind’s future. "ADEN had this really cool balance of a gritty, noir-ish anti-hero facing off against a Rubik's Cube-headed robo-monster,” says Chris Lambert, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Film Colossus. “There's immediate action and mystery. By the end of the movie, we're left wondering what kind of world we were just a part of and why there isn't more of it.” Lee is developing Aden as a feature. 

The Best Feature Audience Award 2015 winner receives a $500 cash prize. The Best Short Audience Award 2015 winner receives a $250 cash prize.

The Mary Shelley Award for SciFi Filmmaking, awarded to the artist (writer, director or actor) whose film best furthers the involvement and representation of women in the SciFi genre, was given to Claire Carré, co-writer and director of EMBERS. Her film, a post-apocalyptic atmospheric tone poem, follows five interwoven stories in the wake of a global neurological epidemic, directionless travellers searching for meaning and connection in a world without memory. "EMBERS is well-directed, well-structured, and thought-provoking with a unique take on what makes us human,” says Ilona Rossman Ho of Canine Productions, "we are eager to see what’s next from this talented filmmaker.” Carré was awarded a $500 prize by the jury of Austin Chronicle film Critic Marjorie Baumgarten, Atlanta Film Festival Creative Director Kristy Breneman, Creative Director and Independent Spirit Award-Winning Producer Mynette Louie.

In addition, Other Worlds Austin announced the winners of the Cthulhies, a series of awards given by the programming team in areas such as Script, Cinematography, Visual Effects and Acting. Highlights include T.I.M. THE INCREDIBLE MACHINE taking home both Best Director (Rolf van Eijk) and Best Cinematography.  NO MEN BEYOND THIS POINT received commendation for Best Script, Best Actor (Patrick Gilmore) and Best Editing. In Shorts, The Take, The Surface and Replika all received two Cthulhies apiece. Carole Brana was awarded the Emerging Actress Cthulhie for her lead roles in both Replika and On/Off.  


No Men Beyond This Point



  • Best Script: Mark Sawers, NO MEN BEYOND THIS POINT
  • Best Director: Rolf van Eijk,
                           T.I.M. THE INCREDIBLE MACHINE
  • Best Actor: Patrick Gilmore (Andrew Myers),
                        NO MEN BEYOND THIS POINT
  • Best Actress: Greta Fernandez (Miranda), EMBERS
  • Best Cinematography: Martijn van Broekhuizen,
                                           T.I.M. THE INCREDIBLE MACHINE
  • Best Editing: Mark Sawers, NO MEN BEYOND THIS POINT
  • Best Score or Music: Timo Pierre Rositzki, BOY 7
  • Best VFX: Neil Rowe, RECONNOITER
  • Best Production Design: William Hatch Crosby, JACKRABBIT


  • Emerging Script: Maximillian Stenstrom, THE TAKER
  • Emerging Director: Willem Kampenhout, THE SURFACE
  • Emerging Actor: David Lee Hess (Donald), PACT
  • Emerging Actress: Carole Brana (Amy) and (Meredith),
  •                                 REPLIKA and ON/OFF
  • Emerging Cinematography: Davey Gilder, THE PIG CHILD
  • Emerging Editing: Serban Georgescu, REPLIKA
  • Emerging Score or Music: Chris Ruenes, THE TAKER
  • Emerging VFX: Gary H. Lee, ADEN
  • Emerging Production Design: Ashley Cook, THE SURFACE