Writer: Kristjan Thor

When disease nearly wipes out the human race, a telepathic teenage girl named Astraea believes her visions confirm that survivors are living in Northern Canada. She leads her doubting brother on a five-thousand-mile journey, through a silent America, and into the snowbound wilderness, hoping to re-build life as she knew it. As they head North, her clairvoyance intensifies and they encounter another couple homesteading on a remote lake in Maine. The grief and complexity—as well as the excitement and comfort—of communal living pits itself against Astraea’s desire to keep moving and find her family.


Full Film: Not available yet.

latest dispatch from mission control:

Case Files: We Are Alone...?

Postcards from the Apocalypse: Maine, Washington D.C., Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.