Most Likely Causes of the Apocalypse

10) Rising Oceans due to Climate Change flood world

10b) Ice Age due to Climate Change freezes world

10c) Shifting plate tectonics due to Climate Change  cause mega earthquakes

9) Alien Invasion enslaves us all (or kills us all, your call)

8) Super Volcano eruption creates nuclear winter, aka Joe vs. imminent death.

7) Honey Bee depletion leads to a lack of all polinated flowers, cotton products, and alfalfa, starving most livestock and leading to a ‘reverse’ circle-of-life situation

6) Magnetic Pole Shift causing geomagnetic storms - we’re 300,000 years overdue (tick… tick… tick…)

5) Meteor Strike, AKA Deep Impact AKA Armegeddon AKA what killed Grandpa Dinosaur

4) Robopocalypse - this keeps me up every night.  The UK had the audicity to call their satellite system skynet.  As in Arnold comes back to eliminate us.  Do Androids Dream of Sheep?  No they dream of killing me.

3) Global Thermal Nuclear War, not sexy, but as much a possibility now as in 1982, maybe combined with above.

2) Economic and Social Collapse.  Do you know most stores only have 3 days of supplies?  3 days.  Doomsday Preppers don’t seem so crazy now, do they?

1) Global Pandemic i.e. superflu, could kill everyone on earth, or turn them into flesh eating zombies.  Better still, it probably comes from something we are testing ourselves right now.