THE FORCE AWAKENS – in a 13 year old girl

Summer of 1977 – our family vacation took us to the small town of Sallisaw, Oklahoma to meet up with childhood friends who were joining us on our travels. I can’t recall how the decision was made, but my best childhood friend Cindy and I, and our younger sisters were driven over to Fort Smith, Arkansas to be dropped off at the movie theater. Sallisaw was too small to have a theater at the time. It was the first time that I’d been allowed in a movie unsupervised, but our mothers didn’t want to wait in the long line outside of the theater for this movie that had just been released – STAR WARS.

I was thirteen years old, just entering puberty. Already experiencing life differently – thanks hormones! – but the impact of STAR WARS was beyond everything that I had ever experienced. The action, the passion, and the music overwhelmed my senses, and imprinted on my consciousness. I left the theater in love with Luke Skywalker and wanting to be Princess Leia, and thinking Han Solo a cad. The evocative experience lasted for days which I’d not had before from a movie.

Such was my experience in watching the recently released teaser #2 for STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS (see below). The thrill of watching the now familiar landscapes gave me goosebumps and filled my eyes with tears of joy, and a small shout of triumph escaped my lips with the surprise cameo at the end of the teaser.

My joy and excitement for STAR WARS has not ebbed in the 37 years since I first saw the Millennium Falcon soar across the universe. I still want to be like Princess Leia – not the typical damsel in distress, but strong and determined, not needing to be saved and often being the savior. The only thing that has changed as an adult is that my movie hero crush has switched from Luke to the rogue Han.

I can’t wait until December when Episode VII premieres, and plan on attending as many STAR WARS related festivities as possible. In the meantime I will be temporarily satiated by STAR WARS fan films at our May the Forth party at Independence Brewing Co. on Monday, May 4, 7 pm. Hope to see many other STAR WARS fans there. May the FOURTH be with you!