153rd Annual Spirit Lake Diving Competition

Applications are currently being accepted for the 153rd Annual Spirit Lake Diving Competition! Since 1862, divers have challenged each other to discover the depths of the mystical lake. Those who accept the challenge will follow in the wake of those (some famous, some infamous) who dove before.

In the summer of 1862 the diving competition began with two brothers (Jake and Ned McGillicuddy) who took time off from trying to kill each other from opposite lines in the Civil War. From the auspices of that ‘friendly’ contest was born the modern day diving competition.

Today, divers use cutting edge scuba gear to achieve previously unheard of depths. Last year’s winner, Jen Goldsmith, set an unofficial record of 320.5 meters! It took her only 10 minutes to set the record, but nearly nine hours to safely return to the surface. Though she never found the allusive bottom of the lake, Jen said she did feel some kind of ‘presence down there.’

Several past winners have reported seeing a light as they approached their lowest points, but this seems like the crazy rantings of divers who came up too fast. Not even light can penetrate the all consuming darkness of the lake at these record depths.

Categories for the competition include Solo Scuba, Tandem, and Free Diving. Winning divers will receive a $100 prize in each category as well as two free sessions of Sweat Yoga at the Church of the Renewed Spirit. A $500 bonus will be paid to the first diver who successfully finds the bottom of the lake.

The entry fee is $25* or five cans of food (vegetarian and gluton-free) for our food drive. For families including seven sisters, the seventh sister dives for free!

* The entry fee is fully refundable should the diver fail to return to the surface (this rarely ever happens).

CLICK HERE for online application and more information about Spirit Lake.


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