Spirit Lake - Summer Rentals Available

Summer Rental Properties Available!

Driving through Spirit Lake and want to dive into our secluded community?  Several homes have recently been added to our collection of rental properties, from spacious three bedroom lake front cabins to wooded lots you can camp on!  Many families have recently vacated life-long homes without a forwarding address, and their loss is your gain!  Most properties are completely furnished and have built-in history.  Check out some of our offerings, or make a reservation today  Spirit Lake Rentals


Rustic Cabin with Dock

Your own Golden Pond getaway!  This natural home has all the comforts a rustic life could want.  Hot and cold running water, electricity, and a dock that provides instant access to our much heralded Bottom-less lake.  3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and one empty room filled floor to ceiling with depth charts and newspaper clippings.  Every night sleep peacefully with the sounds of nature encircling your family in its resilient grip.  Birds welcome you every morning on your doorstep, having chosen your porch as their final resting place.  Every so often a memory from your past may linger just outside your window, as if watching over you, comforting you and yet calling you out to experience Spirit Lake for yourself.  This home is available on a weekly basis, or for sale to the right people looking to dive into the calming waters permanently.  Previous guests have praised the view, the isolation, and the sense of impending … sorry, we couldn’t make out that last word in the note.  This is not a home for investors, but people who want to invest in their soul.  Book your final vacation.

Rustic Cabin with Lake Access

A Secluded House with Spirit!  Newly available 2 bedroom Craftsmen home off the beaten path – literally – there is a beaten path that heads from here through the trees to a private stone beach on Spirit Lake.  This exciting property must be rented by the month due to a peculiar rider in the original tenant (deceased)’s will.  Recent diving competition winner Jenn Goldsmith stayed her while training for her record-setting run.  She even left clothes in the closet and a few suitcases when she left town!  Other visitors have included the bootlegger crime wife Esther Redding, who used the basement as a storage facility before bring her wares to local distribution, poet and recluse Franklin Eiffel, who wrote his 30 Lines for 30 Nights of Hell here, and Gerry Mander, the ex-city manager who was mysteriously killed (rumored – body never found) in these walls.  Enough history for you?  If that’s not enough, past guests have reported frequent visits at dusk, strangers passing through the woods on their own way down the beaten path to the lake.  You won’t stand a ghost of a chance finding a more unique month away!


Rustic Cabin That’s Completely Safe


You should visit and stay here! This one room cabin on the lake has seen visitors come and go and nothing remarkable in the least has ever happened here or to them.  You can take a dip in Spirit Lake confidently knowing you are just one in a long line of people who have done that and gone back to their normal lives afterwards with nothing out of the ordinary to report.  No one at all has died here, or disappeared, or seen long dead relations, or even experienced intense indigestion.  In fact, the most curious thing to report about the property is no one has ever stayed at it more than one-time, despite leaving a consistent five star reviews.  Although the home is small, it is equipped with all the comforts of modern life – a gas-burning stove, an ice-box, a Westinghouse television set with a remote control, and a your own generator for power.  Although there is no phone line in the house, you can use the public phone at the gas station about a mile down the road, and some guests have even said they were able to get cell phone reception hanging out the window of the family room. See Spirit Lake without taking risks!


Rustic Campground With Beach Access


Get Back to Basics!  Years ago a wealthy family bought this lakefront acreage to build a giant summer cottage, but for some reason they never did!  Now, fifty years later, the lot is as pristine and natural as the day they bought it, and for your rental you can set up tents and ‘rough it’ somewhere truly magical.  With nothing between you and the lake, you can easily feel its call and take a nighttime dip beneath the stars whenever the urge grabs hold of you.  Flora and fauna here are part of the appeal, and the Spirit Lake residents include squirrels, possums, raccoons, foxes, packs of wild dogs abandoned by the missing owners, and bears.  Bears will seldom come up to the tent if you leave out a Dreamcatcher on a nearby branch – we don’t know why, it’s just part of what makes Spirit Lake so unique.  Maybe you’ll meet your very own Paddington!  Talk to our office to stop by and check out the plans for the stately home that never was, and read the transcripts of the court case that played out for years between the builders and the insurance companies.  Click here to sleep under the stars.


For a primer on Spirit Lake, consider attending the Other Worlds Austin screening of MIDNIGHT SWIM on July 9th.  Tickets are only $10.


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