PARSEC says: Don't Get Left Behind

Parsec the Space Kitty says “won’t it stink when all your friends go to OWA without you?” He is an empathetic little guy and feels bad that Matt Damon will not be enjoying 10 screenings for $60, or $6.00 per film. “How am I breathing on Mars?” adds Parsec, who was recently installed as the Other Worlds Austin 2015 mascot.

This year’s festival includes Opening US Premiere BOY 7, Centerpiece NO MEN BEYOND THIS POINT and plenty of robots, aliens and time travel to satisfy your SciFi needs for another year.  “I like the one about the cat,” says Parsec, disregarding the fact that there are no movies in our program about cats. 

Your seat will be guaranteed as long as you arrive at the theater at least 15 minutes before the screening time. At 15 minutes, tickets will go on sale to the general public. Late arriving badgeholders will have to go to the back of the general admission line.

“I have to groom now” adds Parsec, for no apparent reason.

Don’t delay. Quantities are limited. After a great and sold-out inaugural year in 2014, we expect the festival to sell out again.

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