The Unseen Should be Seen

Other Worlds Austin SciFi Film Festival 2016 will be premiering writer-director Geoff Redknap’s first feature length film, THE UNSEEN. Redknap has a lengthy resume working in special effects makeup for such TV shows as FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, THE FLASH, and even the X-FILES. Some of the films that he has done SFX makeup include WATCHMEN, DEADPOOL, CABIN IN THE WOODS, WARCRAFT, and STAR TREK BEYOND. It should go without saying that the caliber of make-up and special effects in this feature are up to snuff. 

THE UNSEEN, is a film about a man afflicted with an odd and deforming malady, one that he hopes to keep from his estranged wife and daughter. However, he is forced out of his malaise and hermit-like existence to find his missing daughter. Since it is on the poster I'll just delve into it—Bob's condition is causing him to slowly disappear and is a metaphor for the absentee father while also being a contemporary take on THE INVISIBLE MAN. It's a gritty, SciFi drama with unnervingly good CGI which will harken back memories of Skilcraft's "Visible Man" Anatomy Kit. While THE UNSEEN is a SciFi crime drama, its main focus is the relationship between Bob and his daughter Eva. 

Let's delve into some SciFi and even Horror films that feature Father/Daughter relationships in the forefront. Most recently would be INTERSTELLAR, and I'm not going to lie as a self-diagnosed Daddy's Girl, Cooper and Murph's close relationship got me a little misty-eyed. MAGGIE is a great example and Arnold's newly developed acting chops elevate what easily could have been just another mediocre zombie flick. Of course, there is CONTACT (which also features McConaughey), in which the aliens choose to present themselves in the form of Jodie Foster's character's dead father. Then there's the dysfunctional relationship between Princess Leia and her father. I thought my dad reading my diary was bad, at least he didn't try to get the location of the rebel base from me via IT-O Interrogation Droid.

The festival is wrapping with THE UNSEEN as our closing film on December 4th in the Alpha Theater at 8:10 p.m. and the Beta Theater at 7:40 p.m. Click here for the full schedule.