"Word To Your Mother!" A Tribute To Charlotte Grissom

When Miles Grissom posts an ad in the paper reading "This Is 100% For Real!!! Reward Of $30,000 For Definitive Proof Of Life After Death. Show Me A Ghost, An Angel, A Past Life Experience. Anything To Prove Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt That We Go On. Apply With A Letter, Video, Or Audio Recording. I'll Follow Up With The Most Convincing. Don't Fake. I'll Know. Again: This Is For Real", he gets much more than he bargained for.

Honestly, most things would probably be more than he had bargained for or can handle. Miles is truly a damaged person. Traumas from his past have affected him to such a degree that it is hard for him to function at all in the world. The first sign of anything at all dangerous causes him to cower. It's a good thing that he has his Momma! Honestly, without her help, this hero's journey in Under Worlds Austin's centerpiece film WE GO ON might not even get started when you take into account the fact that he can't even drive himself places.

Through the years, horror movies have had their fair share of domineering mothers. From Mrs. Bates, Pamela Voorhees, the Xenomorph Queen, to well, Mama from 'Mama',  strong willed mothers haven't always gotten the best representation. Well, that has all changed with Charlotte Grissom, played with wit and grit by Annette O'Toole.

What she might lack in sophistication and social graces, she more than makes up for in cutzpah and pardon my French . . . mmm . . . Spanish . . . cojones! Years of having to raise a "testicularly challenged" man-child have given her a hard exterior that shield a "pancake batter" interior. Pancakes that she'll gladly offer to make her son after a hard night of chasing the afterlife.

Looking back through the annals of "Horror Mamas", the person that I would consider a kindred spirit to Charlotte would be Ethel Hubbard from FRIDAY THE 13TH: A NEW BEGINNING. Both of these ladies share a grit and guff that conceals an at least gold plated heart. Both have the unenviable task of shepherding their respective "man children" into some sort of level of "adulting". Perhaps the two ladies are related. They both have a propensity to drop a "fuck" or "shit" when the occasion calls for it . . . or doesn't. Also both of these Mamas know that if something does go down that you'd better be "packing" and they both are! These are two strong women willing to take a bullet for their sons . . . or put a couple into someone for that matter!!!

If I'm walking down a dangerous, dark alley or am in a creepy, abandoned building attempting to do some, in Charlotte's words "ghost getting", I know that my best bet to make it out in one piece is to turn to the strapping six foot plus Miles and say "You better call your Mama!"

WE GO ON screens at 7:40pm on Saturday, December 3. Click here for the full schedule.