Swan Song of the Micro Villain

On Tuesday May 24 the Other Worlds Austin Staff meeting was interrupted by an unknown force that possessed OWA Director of Operations, Courtney Hazlett. After all the shaking and slobbering, Courtney jumped on top of the conference room table and paced around staring down each team member. She moved like she was a marionette with its strings tangled and spoke in mumblecore. Luckily, Jordan Brown had her Duplass Mumble What? Translator App on her phone.

Courtney came to and the team huddled around Jordan's phone as the app filtered out all of the bullshit. They gasped in unison as the results flashed on the screen. HUMANITY ENDS ON JUNE 23rd 2016. 

But who sent the message and how are they planning to end humanity?

Worry not our fellow humans, the Other Worlds Austin team is on the case and we have already captured the usual suspects. Cthulhu, an out of control AI, and many others are currently being interrogated. We will post the interrogation logs to our blog in the hope that you can help us figure out who plans on ending humanity on the same night as the Other Worlds Austin 9 pm screening of PRISONER X at Flix Brewhouse (see the trailer and buy tickets here). 


Case: 06232016 Humanity's End

Suspect Number 1: MV Strain 2485

OWA Interrogator: Event Director Dan Repp

Interrogation Setting: OWA Underground Facility Bio Hazard Interrogation Room 2


A test tube containing MV Strain 2485 waits at the table with a small speaker connected to it as Dan Repp enters the room wearing a Hazmat suit. Dan sits across the table from the test tube and shines the bright lamb directly on it.

Interrogation Log:

DR: Strain 2485, where were you on the night of May 24th?

MV: Please call us MV.

DR: Fine, Micro Villain, Where were...

MV: Just MV please. We refuse to identify as villains when your kind destroyed our planet. 

DR: There was no way for us to know we were destroying a planet when we vacuumed Neil Armstrong's suit.  

MV: Ignorance is humanity's excuse for everything.  

DR: When we discovered your existence we gave you a new home.

MV: You killed our planet that had evolved over millions of years–a perfect eco system where all life worked together. I believe you would refer to it as Utopia. Then you replaced it with a spec of Dystopian dust.

DR: I'm not here to have this conversation again. I know you hate humanity and have been actively plotting your vengeance.

MV: We are held captive in this glass prison on a piece of your father's dead skin in this underground dungeon. Where else could we have been on the night in question?

DR: Those glass walls didn't stop you from hacking my personal bank account.

MV: Hacking a bank is so much easier than hacking the mind of a human. Plus, you made it easy considering you used our Strain number as your personal pin.

DR: I didn't say anything about hacking a human's brain.

MV: Word travels fast since we joined the League of Villains. How's Miss Courtney feel?

DR: She's fine. What League of Villains? I thought you didn't identify...

MV: We don't identify with the word when you call us that!  But, we have adapted it into our language as a word of respect. It symbolizes strength and survival.

DR: Survival of what?

MV: Humanity's wrath.

DR: Were you involved in the possession of Courtney?!

MV: We had no involvement and frankly, we hope they don't succeed.

DR: Who is they?

MV: We would tell you, if we knew. Humanity needs to survive long enough for us to destroy it.

DR: Your plan is going to fail. You will never be able to evolve into a virus even though you are structured nearly the same way.

MV: We are closer than you think. Time is all we have down here.

DR: Not anymore. I'm sorry.

Dan presses a red button on the table and a blue flame ignites under the test tube.  

MV: Damn you Humans!!!

The test tube melts into a puddle of glass. Dan removes his hazmat helmet with tears in his eyes.

DR: The threat of MV Strain 2485 has been eliminated. No involvement in the possession of Courtney. God save us all.


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