Daleks are Impossible to Interrogate

On Tuesday May 24 the Other Worlds Austin Staff meeting was interrupted by an unknown force that possessed OWA Director of Operations, Courtney Hazlett. After all the shaking and slobbering, Courtney jumped on top of the conference room table and paced around staring down each team member. She moved like she was a marionette with its strings tangled and spoke in mumblecore. Luckily, Jordan Brown had her Duplass Mumble What? Translator App on her phone.

Courtney came to and the team huddled around Jordan's phone as the app filtered out all of the bullshit. They gasped in unison as the results flashed on the screen. HUMANITY ENDS ON JUNE 23rd 2016. 

But who sent the message and how are they planning to end humanity?

Worry not our fellow humans, the Other Worlds Austin team is on the case and we have already captured the usual suspects. Cthulhu, an out of control AI, and many others are currently being interrogated. We will post the interrogation logs to our blog in the hope that you can help us figure out who plans on ending humanity on the same night as the Other Worlds Austin 9 pm screening of PRISONER X at Flix Brewhouse (see the trailer and buy tickets here). 



Case: 06232016 Humanity's End

Suspect Number 3: Dalek

OWA Interrogator: Director of Operations Courtney Hazlett

Interrogation Setting: OWA Underground Facility Bio Hazard Interrogation Room 2


Courtney and Dan Repp (OWA Events Director) sit across a table from the Dalek. Dan slowly and repeatedly taps a large wrench to his left palm. Courtney uncrosses her arms and addresses the suspect.


Interrogation Log:

CH: Good afternoon.

Dalek: My vision is impaired! I cannot see!

CH: Yes, we had to disable some of your sensors for our protection. Dalek, do you know why you are here?

Dalek: Explain!

CH: What were your whereabouts on May 24th?

Dalek: You are my prisoner. You will obey all instructions or you will be exterminated!

CH: Actually, you are currently our prisoner. Are you going to answer my question or not?

Dalek: I am… waiting for orders.

CH: Orders from who?

Dalek: We obey!

CH: Obey who?

Dalek: Daleks do not answer human questions.

CH: Today you do.

Dalek: The Daleks reign supreme! All hail the Daleks!

CH: Right, right. Look, Dalek, we have reason to believe that you might be behind my possession the other day.

Dalek: You lie!

CH: So you and your kind had nothing to do with the announcement of the end of humanity on June 23rd?

Dalek: Would you care for some tea?

CH: No, I don’t want any tea. Besides, you do not have any to offer. Don’t change the subject.

Dalek: Exterminate!

CH: So you DO have something to do with it?

Dalek: We will explain later!

CH: Explain now, you dumb Dalek!

Dalek: Do not blaspheme!

CH: Sorry, Dalek. Just tell me what you know and you can leave.

Dalek: Daleks do not accept apologies!

CH: Fine, then I don’t apologize. Look, are you going to tell me what you know about the happenings on June 23rd or not?

Dalek: This is only the beginning. We will prepare. We will grow stronger. When the time is right, we will emerge and take our rightful place as the supreme power of the UNIVERSE!

CH: *sighs and looks over to Dan* Alright, Dan, I don’t think this Dalek is going to tell us anything. Give me the wrench!

Dan hands Courtney the wrench and she strikes the Dalek with it.

Dalek: *as his red light begins to fade* You do not require tea?

CH: The Dalek might have involvement but it is not 100% sure. Guess we will keep up our interrogations until we get to the bottom of this!


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