Tannis Root is the New Black

In honor of the launch of Under Worlds Austin (a Horror Sidebar to Other Worlds Austin) each OWA staff member has written about the Horror movie moment that had the biggest effect on them. Write us a comment with your own Horror movie moment! And if you’ve made a Horror film, submit it now to Under Worlds Austin!



The Horror Movie Moment That Changed My Life
By Jordan Brown, Associate Artistic Director

My sister read Ira Levin’s ROSEMARY’S BABY and then passed it off to me while we were in high school. Who's to say what made her seek out that book, but we both read it and it became a shared interest between us.  We naturally rented the film to complete the experience.  A few years ago for Christmas, she gifted me a necklace that looks like the tannis root pendant that Minnie gives Rosemary for “protection.”  It was silly and thoughtful and remains one of my most-worn pieces of jewelry.

To have seen Roman Polanski’s ROSEMARY’S BABY is to be part of a vast fan club.  When I first started wearing the necklace, I figured it would be a subtle wink to an obscure reference.  But the number of people who recognize it and talk to me about it continues to surprise me in the best way.  My roundabout way of introducing Under Worlds Austin is this: the sense of community among Horror fans is powerful. This is of course true for film lovers in general, but there’s a fierce sense of camaraderie between watchers of this genre that’s unlike anything else. You can pick one another out in a crowd based on something as simple as a necklace.  So here’s to our inaugural year of presenting exciting new voices in Horror movie-making.  I for one can’t wait!