All Dolled Up and Nowhere to Run

In honor of the launch of Under Worlds Austin (a Horror Sidebar to Other Worlds Austin) each OWA staff member has written about the Horror movie moment that had the biggest effect on them. Write us a comment with your own Horror movie moment! And if you’ve made a Horror film, submit it now to Under Worlds Austin!



The Horror Movie Moment That Changed My Life
By Tessa Morrision, Programmer & Outreach Director

     A moment in Horror film that affected me in a visceral way was the scene in CHILD'S PLAY 3 where Chucky cuts Andy's Achilles' tendon. This was scary on a couple levels: firstly his victim shouldn't have been able to run away, and secondly my aunt had recently given me a creepy antique glass-eyed doll. You know, the kind that always looks at you no matter where it is in the room? Yeah, one of those. Creepy AF. So I methodically put it in the bottom of my toy chest face down with all the other toys piled on top of it. I would also leap into my bed from several feet away, causing the wrought iron bed frame to clang against the wall. I say "should not have been able to run away" because for some reason in the film Andy is hurt for a bit, but then is totally capable of getting around with a severed Achilles' tendon.

     Somebody thought it would be hilarious to put that creepy antique doll at the end of my bed staring at me while I was asleep. And I would wake up to it looking at me. For years I assumed it had been my brother (sorry Dusty!) playing a prank on me, but when I brought the story up to my father he got a sheepish look on his face and confessed that it was him and mom all along. My parents have a sick sense of humor that probably should have traumatized me causing several hours and dollars in therapy, but in a strange twist of fate, I actually make dolls - well plushies, puppets, and marionettes. People often ask me if they ever freak me out, to which I reply, "Hell no! I made them, I know what's in them, and I'm fairly certain Brad Dourif is not in there." Funny coincidence, Brad Dourif is from Huntington, West Virginia, which is my home state and the town where I went to college. 

Are there scarier or more traumatizing moments in Horror film? Oh, for sure.  This is a relatively tame moment for most, but for some reason this scene lodged itself in my pre-pubescent brain and scared the crap out of me.

I'm super stoked that Other Worlds Austin is expanding its reaches into the darker spaces of genre film with Under Worlds Austin. SciFi and Horror have always been intermingled and we've had SciFi/Horror films show before, but it's great to officially be accepting straight Horror films into the festival as well. I'm looking forward to seeing how the festival will continue to grow with this addition. As a huge fan of Horror, this news comes as an early Christmas present. Hopefully we shall see all you SciFi and Horror fiends in December!