Dave Bowman is kind of a downer

OWA’s Director of Marketing & Development, Don Elfant, interviews astronaut Dave Bowman just before his Discovery One mission to Jupiter.

DE: So this is a pretty exciting mission, huh?

DB: Uh, not really. I’m flying all the way Jupiter to fix a stupid antenna.

DE: But space travel! Surely you can’t be bored with it already.

DB: Well, HAL does most of the work. I’m mostly just along for the ride.

DE: Ah, HAL, the supercomputer’s supercomputer! It must be an honor to work alongside the great HAL.

DB: Yeah, it’s… just great.

DE: Dave, I believe I sense sarcasm in your response.

DB: Now you sound like HAL.

DE: I know, right? I’ve been working on it.

DB: Well, stop working on it with me. Also, it’s Dr. Bowman.

DE: Oh, sorry about that, doctor. So you’re not impressed with HAL and you’re not thrilled with the mission… Maybe something exciting will happen.

DB: Like what?

DE: I don’t know. Maybe you’ll see a UFO or something.

DB: That would be cool. But let’s face it, nothing interesting ever happens on these missions.

DE: You’ve got a great mission name, though – “Discovery One” – sounds important.

DB: I don’t come up with the mission names.

DE: I know, but I just wonder why they named such a routine mission “Discovery One.” It’s like they think you’re going to discover something big… important!

DB: I doubt it.

DE: You’re such a downer. C’mon man, Discover One! They could have named it Humdrum 17.

DB: Maybe you’re right.

DE: Of course I’m right!

DB: Okay, I’ll keep my eye out for anything… interesting. Though on a mission like this, anything interesting is probably bad news.

DE: Well, if anything bad happens, you’ve got HAL.

DB. Right…


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