Chatting with Buck Rogers in a Disco

OWA's Social Media Director Mark Martinez was overjoyed when he found out that he would be interviewing one of his childhood heroes. Captain William "Buck" Rogers was not only a hero to America in the late 20th century, but he also became a hero to the entire galaxy in the 25th century. The interview took place at what looked suspiciously like a 1970's disco.

MM: I can't say that I've ever been to this club before. It really is quite retro.

BR: Really? It looks pretty modern to me. Look at those fashions! That is state-of-the-art polyester going on there!

MM: Ok. You're mission, which is supposed to have to have taken place in 1987, took an unexpected turn and you were in suspended animation until the 25th century. What was it like waking up in a whole new world?


BR: Strangely, it still kinda' looked like the late 70's. The fashions, the hairstyles, even the "shake your booty" music.

MM: How did you apply your 20th century astronaut training to this new time and all the adventures you got into?

BR: Well, luckily NASA provides extensive training in swashbuckling and disco dancing. That's pretty much all you needed in the 25th century . . . and late 70's TV shows.

MM: Can we talk a little about the science aspect of your story? It seems a little far-fetched that a malfunction in your spacecraft allowed you to be thrust into the 25th Century . . .

BR: Hey, I didn't write it. NBC wanted an answer to Battlestar Galactica, which in itself was cashing in on Star Wars.

MM: So, you're saying . . .

BR: Hey, that's the song I requested! Wilma and I are gonna grab a quick dance and I'll be right back! You can interview Twiki while you're waiting. Here he comes now!

MM: Ummmm . . .

"Biddi Biddi Biddi!  Hello Mark!"


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