Ellen Ripley says something weird's happening on the Nostromo

OWA’s Director of Outreach, Tessa Morrison, sits down with Ellen Ripley (somehow) in the middle of her mission from Thedus.


Tessa Morrison: Today I have Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley. Greetings Ellen!

Ellen Ripley: Call me Ripley. Nice to meet you.


TM: Okay. Ripley, so first off, what are you guys flying?

ER: Our ship is called the USCSS Nostromo, she's a commercial towing vessel, the model is a Lockmart CM 88B Bison M-Class star freighter. 


TM: So what is cryo sleep like?

ER: Cryo sleep can be slightly unpleasant to wake up from for some, causing minor to moderate nausea. Overall it is not too bad just as long as you don't stay in cryostasis for extended periods of time.


TM: Heh, yeah. I mean when would that ever happen. So what is your mission?

ER: There has been some debate about that with our Science Officer, Ash, but originally our job consisted of hauling mineral ore between Thedus and Earth. We were on our return trip to Earth when we received a distress signal to which we responded. We found a ship, unindigenous to the planet it crashed on. This excursion cost us the lives of one of our crew members.


TM: Oh, wow. That's horrible.


::scraping noise overhead::


TM: Did you hear that? I thought I heard something....

ER: I don't hear anything.


TM: So which of your crew died? What happened?

ER: Executive Officer, Gilbert Kane. Some sort of parasite burst from his chest while we were all having dinner. It got away and we are currently in the process of locating the little S.O.B.

TM: Sorry to hear about Kane. Umm..what is the rest of your crew like? Did you hear something? I swore I heard something.

ER: Well, Captain Dallas and one of our engineers, Brett, have gone missing and they are presumed dead. Other than them we have Navigator Lambert, who is slowly turning into a basketcase, Science Officer Ash wants to study the monster on board instead of kill it, and our other engineer, Parker, who previous to this event was rather lackadaisical has now begun to really pull his weight. Oh, we also have the ship's cat, Jonesy, who is an orange tabby.


TM: Hopefully Dallas and Brett show up eventually. Why do you have a cat on board?

ER: Pest control. Though I think our current infestation is outside his purview.


TM: So with Dallas missing that effectively makes you the top ranking crew member?

ER: Correct. With Dallas missing I am now the ranking officer.  


TM: That must be very stressful having all this responsibility heaped onto you all of the sudden. How do you handle it?

ER: I find that humming or singing lightly to myself helps to calm my nerves. One of the lullabies I'd sing to my daughter Amanda works best.


::hissing and clanging heard::


TM: Ummmm, great interviewing you Ripley, but it looks like my time is up and I really should get going! Good luck finding your missing crew members and dealing with your stow-away.  

ER: Thanks.


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