Kris Kelvin Cuts Short

This is Other Worlds Austin Programmer, Michael Thielvoldt, reporting live from the OWA Interstellar Radio Broadcasting Station. I’m speaking today with renowned psychiatrist/cosmonaut Dr. Kris Kelvin, who--as I’m sure our listeners already know--has just reached the orbit of Solaris.

MT: Good morning, Dr. Kelvin.

Dr. Kelvin: доброе утро.

MT: Hold on, Dr. Kelvin. It looks like we are having a little trouble with our InstraTrans. Would you mind trying that again, please?

Dr. Kelvin: доброе утро ... [translating] ... Good morning.

MT: Excellent. It looks like we’re up and running. Thank you, Dr., for talking with us today.

Dr. Kelvin: It’s my pleasure, Michael. 

MT: Dr. Kelvin, on Earth you were an accomplished psychiatrist. And now, with your mission to Solaris, you are at the forefront of solaristics and a new age of human knowledge.

Dr. Kelvin: Ha-ha! Yes, I suppose so.

MT: A successful psychiatrist, a groundbreaking cosmonaut, and, from what I hear, a husband to boot. Ha-ha! Guys really can have it all! Tell me: how is the wife, Dr.?

Dr. Kelvin: Wife?… … … …

[Transmission Terminated]


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