James Bond Drives a Spaceship, Because Of Course

OWA’s Registration Director, Reid Lansford, has tracked down James Bond for an exclusive interview prior to the Texas premiere of CAPSULE at Flix Brewhouse, Wed, September 21 (9:00pm).

RL: We now go live via satellite to evil billionaire industrialist Hugo Drax’s space station for an exclusive interview with Agent 007, James Bond. James, are you there?

JB: But of course.

RL: It looks like you’re a little busy at the moment, I see a lot of explosions and hear what sounds like laser gun fire. Is now a good time for you?

JB: With me, it’s always a good time.

RL: Right. Now I understand that you and Dr. Holly Good… can we say this on the air? Uh, Dr. Goodhead, actually stowed away on a shuttle to fly into space and get on board Drax’s space station, is that correct?

JB: That is correct. The trip was out of this world.

RL: Okay. From what I can see, it looks like you’re just standing there. Am I to understand that the space station has some kind of artificial gravity to prevent you from floating around?

JB: I should assume it does. Excuse me a moment.

RL: Wow. You just aimed your laser blaster behind you and shot what appears to be one of Drax’s henchmen off a catwalk from a great distance away without even looking. How did you do that?

JB: Years of experience.

RL: Is that a drink in your hand?

JB: Vodka martini. Shaken, not stirred.

RL: Mr. Bond, forgive me, but is now really an appropriate time to drink? I can literally see the station falling apart in flames behind you and from what I understand several projectiles filled with toxic nerve gas are headed towards earth. Shouldn’t you be somewhat concerned?


RL: See, you didn’t say anything there, you just cocked your eyebrow and smiled. Your completely relaxed attitude in the face of your own death and potentially armageddon is rather alarming.

JB: We’ll have to finish this interview at another time. I’ve got a flight to catch.

RL: I see you’re boarding a shuttle. Are you actually going to fly the shuttle away from the station and back to Earth?

JB: Should be a blast.

RL: Mr. Bond, again, forgive me, but how could you possibly know how to operate and fly a space shuttle?

JB: I can fly or drive pretty much anything. Shouldn’t be hard.

RL: Mr. Bond, I can understand as an MI6 agent you go through years of training. Weapons, hand to hand combat, multiple languages, what have you… but you just flying a space shuttle makes no sense whatsoever.

JB: I think we’ll be alright.

RL: Is that another drink? How did that get refilled? None of this makes any sense. Mr. Bond? We’ve lost the feed…


As part of its Orbiter Year-Round Series, Other Worlds Austin SciFi Film Festival is excited to present the Texas premiere of the SciFi thriller CAPSULE on Wednesday, September 21 (9:00pm) at Flix Brewhouse. Writer/Director Andrew Martin and Producer Paul Forrest will do a Q&A via Skype after the screening.

In the award-winning film set in the Cold War, a dysfunctional space capsule orbits the earth, losing oxygen, with a helpless British astronaut suffering hypoxia locked inside. With limited contact from his own team, he must turn to the deeply suspicious Russians and Americans for help, nations who don’t even know he’s up there.

One Man, One Mission, One Choice... Who will he Trust?


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