aGLIFF presents gender-bending supernatural fantasy GIRLS LOST

By Bears Fonte — Other Worlds Austin is very proud to be a Community Sponsor of aGLIFF, the Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival, now entering its 29th (!!!) year. We are particularly excited to be a screening sponsor of Alexandra-Therese Keining’s GIRLS LOST, a Swedish drama about three teen girls, social outcasts, who discover a mysterious flower that oozes black liquid and turns them into boys. In a film full of identity issues, GIRLS LOST amplifies the coming-of-age genre into something both myserious and beautiful. As they play at being masculine, the girls are able to turn the tables on their tormenters and discover life on the other side. 

This resplendent feast dazzles the senses with striking visuals, a heart-pounding score and piercing social commentary. It’s a dark film, but not without hope and it embraces its genre setting without falling into cliches. GIRLS LOST is a film about sexual evolution, and findng yourself in your own body. It fits pefectly in an LGBT film festival program just as much as it would in our own program.

GIRLS LOST is based on a very popular YA novel in Sweden. It premiered last year at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival 2015), and has played Rome Film Festival, Chicago International Film Festival, Newfest, Mostra, Side by Side St. Petersburg, Rotterdam, and several others.

GIRLS LOST screens Sunday, Sept. 11 at 6:00 pm at the Alamo South Lamar. Tickets are $11.25.

Writer/Director: Alexandra-Therese Keining

Based on a novel by Jessica Schiefauer    

Original title: Pojkarna    

Running Time: 103 minutes

Cast: Tuva Jagell, Emrik Öhlander, Wilma Holmén, Vilgot Ostwald Vesterlund, Louise Nyvall, Alexander Gustavsson, Mandus Berg, Filip Vester    

SYNOPSIS: Kim, Bella and Momo, three bullied teenage girls, are going through the throes of finding themselves. Surrounded by a dark world of teenage violence, marginalization and sexual confusion, the girls have only each other. They come across a curious magical plant that, when consumed, transforms the girls temporarily into boys. Not only does their gender change, the world around them, and their response to it, is altered. At first they enjoy a newfound freedom but soon discover that being a boy isn’t that great. Momo and Bella realize it’s merely a facade. For Kim, however, being a boy is much more, it offers her a sense of identity. As a boy she becomes infatuated with rough petty criminal Tony and at the same time Momo falls in love with her. Ultimately, an entanglement of confused sexuality asks us who loves who and why - and if gender identity really matters when it comes to love.