PARSEC says: So what you can fly

by PARSEC (with some help) — "So what you can fly, Dragon” says Parsec the Space Kitten, self-appointed OWA mascot. “I can fly and shoot laser beams out of my eyes killing zombie My Little Ponies.”

Parsec would also like to remind you that badges to this year’s Other Worlds Austin, landing at Flix December 1-4, are available for as low as $45. 

“Dragons are so overrated with that stupid HBO series where everyone takes their clothes off all the time,” continues Parsec. “Pete needs a real pet, something that you have on your lap, and pet and get scratched by without dying.”

Every badge is a guaranteed seat for each screening slot December 2-4, and start at just $45. For just $5 more, you can get priority access to the new Under Worlds Austin Horror Sidebar (open to all). There will be eleven screening slots, so that's less than $5 per film plus the Pre-Apocalyptic Happy Hour and the Closing Night Party.

“I peed on your clothes,” adds Parsec. 

Badge prices will go up on October 1, 2016, so be sure to get yours now at this low price. Other Worlds Austin is one of the premier SciFi film festivals in the USA, was selected 'Best of Austin' by the Austin Chronicle, and labelled 'Best Visions of the Future.' With a team of programmers who

love genre films, write genre films, or make genre films of their own, we are in this for one reason only, to put on a great festival. Here in the Geek Capital of the World, we are building a network of SciFi fans and filmmakers, leading a loyal community, and launching SciFi films into the wider world.

“Also we have great space kitten theatre selections before every screening, featuring me, which are arguably as good as the features after,” says Parsec, though he is somewhat biased. 

This year we’ve expanded the festival to a fourth day, adding a Gala First Night on December 1st. The Gala will include a kick-off pre-party, a First Night Screening, and an Opening Night Party. These badges start at $70 and include the popular 2016: A Brunch Odyssey party on the Saturday morning of the festival.

“Dragons suck. They are a gimmick in every movie they’ve ever been in. Eragon? Did he actually do anything to forward the story? Dragonheart is like a big scaley Sean Connery smirking at you the whole time. What’s that one where Dragons live in the sewers under the city?” asks Parsec, “that’s where they belong.”

Other Worlds Austin will be screening at Flix Brewhouse, the only first run movie theater in the world to incorporate a fully functioning microbrewery. If you’ve been to our Orbiter Year-Round Screening Series you already know how fantastic Flix is, and visiting filmmakers have been universal in praising the sound and picture quality in the theaters. Expect some amazing SciFi films, as well as great thought-provoking horror in the Under Worlds Austin sidebar. It is doubtful any of them will feature dragons.