Stranger Predictions For Stranger Things Season 2


It's no secret that I am a huge fan of this series. When the season 2 trailer dropped I was just giddy because one of my favorite films is Ghostbusters and that is what the boys dress up as for Halloween. Because of COURSE a group of four nerdy friends that year would gear up as our favorite spectral exterminators...and even more so because they have fought actual paranormal creatures. And it looks like they're going to need all the help they can get, because things will be getting even stranger when Season 2 premieres this Friday, October 27th!

***SPOILER ALERT. If you haven't seen all of the first season and don't want spoilers...stop, go binge the first season of Stranger Things and come back. Then let us proceed into WILD SPECULATION LAND!***

Since there is no distinct main character, it makes the choices the Duffer Bros. will make more difficult to predict. This series is like four movies rolled into one: an adult mystery/cop procedural (with minimal procedure...keep punching guys Hopper), a teen coming-of-age story, then a teen horror, and a summer kids film. Even so, here are some fun fan theories, some of my own, and a stinker.   

Fan Theories: 

What's up with them lights? So the Upside Down is a dark place devoid of light, much life, and electricity, so naturally the demogorgon is attracted to light and blood (life energy) like a moth to the flame. Working theory is that anything alive in the Upside Down carries a charge and if it gets near lights or electricity it reflects in our world. Some say that the demogorgon is collecting humans as energy sources for incubating the slugs. So kind of like THE MATRIX and ALIENS all rolled into one. The Thesselhydra looks like something straight out of WAR OF THE WORLDS. A lot of people are focusing on whether the slugs Will has been spitting up are its babies, but that plot point doesn't really interest me much. Is it like an alien queen and the Demogorgon is one of its soldiers as part of a hive mind? And is the Demogorgon really dead? Will it come back much like Eleven? They both appeared to disintegrate in a similar fashion.   

One of the more interesting fan theories is that the Upside Down is not an alternate dimension, but the future. That Eleven traveled through time, opening up the portal to the future where these monsters exist which now are making their way into our world. These creatures will soon turn our world into theirs and our timelines are converging and catching up to one another in a weird "which came first the chicken or the egg?" scenario. Time travel scenarios are always a little wonky and have a tendency to make me go cross-eyed, but this is one of the cooler theories I've seen.


Another slightly different take on that is our world has already become the Upside Down, and has been for a little while now. And that only Eleven and Will can see it for what it really is. Which is why Will says in the trailer for season two that the Thessalhydra is coming for everyone else because he already knows. He inhaled the weird spores in the Upside Down and can see things as they really are.     

Lame Fan Theory: A theory that I am not a fan of is the one where Eleven is Hopper's daughter. We don't need a "I am your father" moment in this series. It's totally unnecessary. His character development and caring for Eleven is better with her not being his daughter where he opens up and shrugs off his gruff exterior. Why would the Deptartment of Energy kidnap a cop's kid? That seems unlikely. Also, Hopper's daughter died. Using volunteer test subjects' kids makes more sense, so this theory doesn't have much legs.

Some of my personal predictions:


1. Barbara became an underdog fan favorite, and there was talk of her being back in some capacity in season two. Doubtful she will magically show up ok like Eleven appears to from the new trailer, because Barbara looked SUPER dead in the Upside Down. However, she may appear in flashbacks. My theory is maaaaaaaaybe she crosses back over as some sort of mutant all gnarly, covered in slime, and decayed? In the capacity of a harbinger like Jack Goodman in AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON to warn Nancy of the coming storm.

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2. Much like the previous season's themes mirrored the boys' Dungeons and Dragons game (naming the monster 'Demogorgon,' Will being caught in the game then on the way home IRL, Nancy and Jonathan end up using "fireball" on it, etc.), I think this upcoming season will mirror many scenes from the laser disc arcade game Dragon's Lair (floors falling from under them, tentacle monsters, someone needing rescuing from a big bad, supernatural/magic powers).

3. Will shall develop some supernatural powers of his own and Eleven might have to fight or kill Will. They have both been "touched" by beasts from the Upside Down and now Will is an incubator for those slugs or possibly a window/portal to the Upside Down.

Dustin Lucas.jpeg

4. Dustin will continue to wear cool shirts that I want and be the emotional rock for the team. Dustin is the best. Also, what's up with his parents? We never meet them. Maybe we get to see more of Lucas and Dustin's family this season.

5. We will see more kids/people with special powers. What comes before 11? Well 1-10 ya nerds! Where are those kids? And are some all grown up?

Hope these fan theories and predictions about the Stranger Things universe get you excited for the new season!