The Invitation Deadly Dinners: An Interview With Juan Antonio Gonzalez-Jimenez


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OWA team members have cults on the, OWA Programmer & Social Media Director Mark Martinez discusses "The Invitation" dinner party's horrific after-affects with Los Angeles landscaper, Juan Anotonio Gonzalez-Jimenez. 

Last night, the shocking news broke of the tragedies that befell affluent sections of the Los Angeles area. News has been spreading that this was not an isolated incident and that the same type of event has happened throughout the country.  Details are still scarce, but it appears that individuals associated with a controversial program known as “The Invitation” held dinner parties where the attendees were comprised of their close friends and people special to them. Those dinner parties ending in horrific fashion with what appear to be cases of mass suicide.


“The Invitation” , created by the mysterious Dr. Joseph, has been viewed as a “self help” program catering to the affluent. Members have claimed that the program has helped them deal with personal traumas. Some former members have claimed that the program had many “cultish” aspects and that they left because of fear for their own well being. Still, the group has found a following in young upper class professionals. That following has proved to be quite devoted to the program, with some celebrities expounding on it’s virtues publicly.

We were able to speak with one of the first persons on the scene of one of locations of last night’s tragedy. Mr. Juan Antonio Gonzalez-Jimenez is a landscaper that maintains the home of a couple that, along with their dinner guests, took part in what is being called “The Invitation Deadly Dinners”.

Mr. Gonzalez-Jimenez, can you tell me about what you discovered this morning?

IMG_3941 (2).JPG

Call me Juan. It was horrible!!! Ok, so I woke up late this morning, so I didn’t see on the news if anything was happening. My truck radio isn’t working, so I couldn’t hear if they said anything about what’s going on. I get to the house and I see that the door is open. I figure that there was a break in, so I go to check and see if Mrs. Eden is alright. This sort of stuff doesn’t usually happen in this neighborhood. I walk inside and there are dead people all over the place! It was like one of the horror movies my daughter likes to watch!  I start shouting for Mrs. Eden, when I hear Mr Will’s voice calling from the backyard. I go back there to find him holding Mrs. Eden. She is covered in blood and looks like she’s dead! Mr. Will y su novia looked like they were in complete shock.

How well do you know the parties involved in last night’s tragedy?

So, I’ve been doing the yard at this residence for many years.  First it was Mr. Will and Mrs. Eden. They were really nice. They had this little boy, Ty. He died in an accident and they got a divorce. Really, really sad. She went away for a long time, but they still had my landscaping business “Gonzalez-Jimenez Y Hijos” taking care of their yard. We’re in the phonebook and online at  I’m glad they kept us on. It’s a nice yard.  So, one day she comes back with this new hombre.  She says that his name is David, that they’re married, and they’re moving back in.

Did you notice anything odd about them?

Definitely! She was always happy, but not like” for real happy”. Kinda’ like she was on some medication. You know, the ones they advertise in the commercial breaks during the soap operas. She walked around with this big goofy smile, como una pendaja, all day long. I mean, it was strange, but these rich gringos kinda’ do that…

What do you mean?

I mean they lost their little boy. Instead of trying to deal with it, she found this…what do they call it?....New Age way of getting through something. Between you and me, I heard that she tried to kill herself after her little boy died. I hear that her not being able to deal with it was why they broke up. It’s so sad, because they were a very beautiful couple. Very nice and they loved that little boy.

So, do you think that “The Invitation” was to blame for what happened tonight?


I’m no expert. I’m just the gardener, but I do know, that you have to deal with things. We all have tragedies. Mr. Will faced the pain from the tragedy. Mrs. Eden hid from it and tried to make it go away by spending all this money on a program that promised to wave a magic wand and make the hurt disappear. Maybe these…ummm, what do you call them?...cults…maybe these cults play into people not wanting to have to actually deal with whatever it is in their life that is making them unhappy. Maybe they want some pinche magic wand to make everything better. Who knows? I’m just the gardener. If it was this “The Invitation” that made them take their own lives and the lives of those close to them, then all I can say is “Que pendejos!!!”