A Fractured View Of Rural Horror

            Some people really enjoy the idea of having a home out in the middle of nowhere. The isolation, away from the hustle of modern urbanity, the quiet. Those are aspects which are so unappealing to me that it’s hard to even try to imagine why someone could potentially appreciate it. Not to mention the fact that being alone in a house in the middle of nowhere is incredibly creepy.


            Jamie Patterson’s thriller Fractured (screening Sunday, December 10th at 5:10 PM) plays on this idea. An attractive young couple decides to spend the weekend at a friend’s countryside house. They have dinner, they dance, have sex, argue… and then they start hearing things. It’s just them in the house, right? There’s nobody even around outside. And if there was somebody, or something, in the house, who could they go to for help?


            Though it may begin as what you may think is a standard issue slasher/home invasion film, Fractured leaves behind all the usual conventions and turns its own narrative inside out to reveal a series of events that will make you question everything that unfolds onscreen. It’s surprising, shockingly violent, and best of all, it’s really damn scary. As the Registration Director for Other Worlds Austin, I usually spend the festival tethered to our Check In/Merchandise table. But I will definitely be abandoning my post to watch Fractured again with our festivalgoers.

            We can’t wait to see all of you next weekend at Other Worlds 2017, and I personally can’t wait to experience this frightening film in the theater with all of you. It would be criminal to reveal anything about the movie, so all I’ll say is… pay very close attention.


Don't let the festival sneak up on you! FRACTURED plays Other Worlds Austin on Sunday, Dec. 10th at 5:10 pm. FULL LINEUP HERE!