OWA Team Mission: KELSEIOS

Since Day 1, the Other Worlds Austin Team has been driven to define Science Fiction.  Is it just a genre? What happens when it’s fused with Horror or Comedy? Or could it be a lifestyle?  

A few months after the inaugural 2014 festival, our team decided to pull together all the profits from the festival and send team member Kelsey Hockmuller into space to discover the true meaning of Science Fiction.  At the press conference days before launch, Kelsey handed all the OWA social media passwords and the Social Media Director title over to Mark in heartfelt ceremony.  Her final speech brought tears to everyone’s eyes in attendance. They may have been tears from laughing, but there were tears none the less.

I want to thank the OWA team for giving me the chance to go to space! I offered to find the meaning of Science Fiction by studying the works of Philip K. Dick and Arthur C. Clarke, but Bears insisted the answer can’t be of this world. The objective is confusing as I can’t discover something fictional because once I do… it’s no longer fictional. But still, I’m pumped to explore mother f****** space!” 
-Kelsey Hockmuller

Kelsey Hockmuller on launch day

Kelsey Hockmuller on launch day

The launch and first six months of the exploration went well, but then silence.  We received Kelsey's final tweet just 176 days into the 2635 day trip.  We tracked the ship and it has been orbiting Saturn for the last year and a half.  Her last tweet did not imply any problems on the rise.

“Lots of Science up here. Still have not run into Science Fiction. #IMNSPACE!” Tweeted at 5 PM CST day 176 of the 2635 day trip.

The great news is the Other Worlds Austin team was able to raise enough money in the first month of 2017 submissions being open to send a rescue mission to save Kelsey and her crew.  Since we have no idea what made the ship go dark, we are planning for everything.  We have watched all of the ghost ship Science Fiction films and each member of the Other Worlds Austin Team has become experts in handling the different possible scenarios.  The plans for each scenario will be released over the coming weeks.

Our rescue mission will launch on Thursday, April 20th.  On Wednesday, April 19th, the Other Worlds Austin Team is inviting the press and public to screen TELEIOS with them at Flix Brewhouse.  Tickets are on sale here, and all the proceeds will go towards Astronaut Ice Cream for the crew.  The director of TELEIOS, Ian Truitner, will be in attendance for a Q&A after the film. He is also helping with the mission as a Special Consultant.

Please keep Kelsey in your thoughts. She is screaming right now and no one can hear her.