Angry Acidic Aliens Have Attacked Kelsey

Mission: Kelseios
Scenario Specialist: Senior Programmer and Event Director Dan Repp
Scenario Code Name: Sulaco
Threat: Xenomorph


Scenario Description
An alien Xenomorph has breached the ship's defense and lurks within the many corridors. It is fast and able to blend in with the Gothic interior design of the ship. Over the last year and a half, Kelsey and her crew have hopefully overcome the odds and survived, but most likely the Xenomorph has hunted them down, one by one.  The crew member with the greatest odds of survival is Jones, the cat. 

After extensive research, I have deduced that the best weapons to use against a Xenomorph are a big vat of molten metal, a mechanized exoskeleton suit, or hiring a mercenary Predator.  Unfortunately, we are a small festival and have spent most of our budget on the ship. 

I went with a less conventional approach, using empathy to find out what is really making the Xenomorph species so aggressive.  Days of brainstorming and role-playing ensued with no real answers until I felt a burn in my stomach and an unbridled rage.  All of the pickles and wine that I ingested over the long nights of spit-balling had caused my stomach to get upset.  That’s when I realized - it’s the acid in me that is making me uncomfortable and irritated.  The Xenomorph’s bodies are full of acid.  That’s why they’re so angry!

I found a gun expert whose only credential was that she was a Texan and we modified shotgun shells with Calcium Carbonate.  In theory, after a Xenomorph is shot with the ammo essentially laced with TUMS antacid, the acid in their bodies will be balanced and they will become docile. 

Plan of Action:
Upon verification that it is a Xenomorph that disabled the ship, the team will search for survivors and shoot the Xenomorph with the Calcium Carbonate rounds rendering it, hopefully, tame.  A secondary objective of this scenario would be to bring home the friendly Xenomorph to become OWA’s mascot.


Will this work? What really happened to Kelsey and her crew? Come to Other Worlds Austin's screening of TELEIOS on April 19th to help raise funds for our rescue mission, due to launch the next morning. We've prepared for the worst, but hope for the best. 

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