Kelsey Don't Be Like Sam Neill in EVENT HORIZON

Mission: Kelseios
Mission Specialist: Programmer and Outreach Director Tessa Morrison
Scenario Code Name: Proxima Centauri
Threat: Dimensional Rift

Scenario Description: Another transmission would come through as we'd grow closer to the last known location of the missing vessel. A distress signal. Likely riddled with static and alarming behavior...that seems on the level. So of course we would go investigate in that case.

Also: WHO INVITED SAM NEILL? Unreliable as hell.

Also: WHO INVITED SAM NEILL? Unreliable as hell.

Research: Upon boarding the ship, we would find that the transmission was the opposite of a distress signal...but a warning to stay away! Well, that's just dandy. We would watch all of the warning signal static-free, and without going into it, well, some of the more squeamish interns might toss their respective space cookies. Seems that in cutting corners in the research department, our ship's light-travel could have some unexpected repercussions. Strange things would happen on the ship; bleeding walls, random fires, and maybe even Sam Neill getting all cutty-cutty on himself.

Plan of Action: Instead of getting hung up on why and how things ended up slowly being sucked into a hell dimension, we would locate and rescue Kelsey and beat a steady retreat, ignoring manifestations of deceased loved ones and other nefarious traps laid out by the denizens of the gaping maw of an untold hell dimension. While knowing the answers to the universe, afterlife, and what exactly SciFi is would be awesome, we wouldn't really appreciate our newfound knowledge while being flayed alive or being forced to ingest the world's supply of donuts.

Will this work? What really happened to Kelsey and her crew? Come to Other Worlds Austin's screening of TELEIOS on April 19th to help raise funds for our rescue mission, due to launch the next morning. We've prepared for the worst, but hope for the best. 

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