BITH IN A PITH Presents: A STAR WARS Bestiary

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Greetings! Jeffn Dahai here, the Bith in a Pith! You may know my musician brother Tedn Dahai of the infamous Cantina Band, Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes. Anyways, I'm here to show you the various creatures of the Star Wars Universe! Exciting, right?! Come with me as we tackle garbage squids, skirt sand worms, and avoid being crushed by the deadly Rancor.

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Creature: Dianoga (A.K.A. the ‘Trash Monster’ or ‘Sewer Squid’)
Classification: Cephalopod – Non-sentient
Home world: Vodran
Traits: This ruby-colored, tentacled beastie originally from Vodran has a nasty habit of stowing away on ships. It makes itself comfortable in sewers, garbage receptacles, and trash compactors where it feeds on any organic matter laying around. Dianogas sport a singular eyestalk and have excellent camouflaging capabilities. As scavengers they are not necessarily dangerous, unless it hasn't been fed properly for some time or feels threatened.
Average height: 9-33 feet
Average weight: 200 pounds

Creature: Dewback
Classification: Reptile - Non-sentient
Home world: Tatooine
Traits: These large omnivorous lizards have green scales covering their thick skin. They can be domesticated for use as a pack animal or a means of travel. Females can lay up to 85 eggs A YEAR! Now, that's if the babies survive the heat of the binary suns of Tatooine. Tatooine's Imperial Garrison has been known to use Dewbacks as mounts for patrols.
Average height: 6.5 ft.

Creature: Bantha
Classification: Mammal
Home world: Tatooine
Traits: This large and hairy behemoth has been domesticated and bred throughout the galaxy. The milk, meat, skin, fur, blood, and bone of the Bantha are all used in an array of products. Bantha milk is a popular blue beverage one can find in many homes. Both male and female Banthas have a set of spiraled horns that can help us to identify its age. Banthas are a common companion for Tusken Raiders and are highly regarded by the Sand People.
Average height: Approx. 8 ft. 

Creature: Rancor
Classification: Reptile - Semi-Sentient
Home world: Dathomir. Also present on Felucia, Teth, and Tatooine.
Traits: A carnivorous beast with four subspecies, the Rancor has armor-like skin that is brown to dark blue. Its hide is fairly blaster-proof, making it one tough critter. While these creatures are very fierce, some poachers will still trap them and sell them to clients to have as pets. It's a sad state of affairs, as Rancors are meant to be roaming wild and free in grottos and plains, not kept in captivity.
Average height: 16 ft.
Average weight: Approx. 3,600 lbs.

Creature: Sarlacc
Classification: Fungi(???) - Non-Sentient
Home world: Tatooine
Traits: They begin life as a spore and the male parasitically lives off its mate until it grows and bursts forth more spores. Sarlaccs eventually grow a beak and tentacles and they are known for having an extremely slow digestive process. They burrow down into the sand and create a funnel for prey to fall down into. While they may prefer meat, they are omnivorous and can't be too picky when living in the harsh deserts of Tatooine. Generally, when a Sarlacc devours a creature there is no escape, but I've heard rumors of one incident where a victim managed to get away, but that's a tale for another day!
Length Under Sand: 328 ft. deep and 10 ft. across

Creature: Exogorth (A.K.A. the Meteor Worm or Space Slug)
There is at least one known to live in the Hoth asteroid belt.
Classification: Annelid (Segmented Worm)
Home world: Unknown
Traits: An Exogorth is a silicone-based, giant worm that takes up residence in the caverns and pockets in asteroids. No one is quite certain which planet they originated from. Mynocks, also silicone-cased creatures capable of surviving in the vacuum of space, can often be found in the gullet of the Exogorth.
Length: Approx. 3,000 ft.!

Hopefully this has been an insightful look into the creatures that live in our galaxy. I would highly recommend avoiding a few of the more lethal beasts on this list if you can. Don't go looking for trouble now! I mean, that's why you have me! The Bith in the Pith, Jeffn Dahai! To study these creatures so you don't have to. Nice talking with you, off with you now! And may the Force be with you!


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