Kelsey's Trapped by a Mean A.I.

Mission: Kelseios
Scenario Specialist: Programmer and Screenwriting Director Eric Harrelson
Scenario Code Name: Keirkegaard
Threat: Malfunctioning Artificial Intelligence

Scenario Description
The Kelseios is equipped with a very sophisticated AI personality, which not only controls ship’s operations, but also three automatons that are responsible for the tedious and sometimes more dangerous tasks the crew cannot or will not perform.  There is the possibility that this AI has malfunctioned.

In the event of an AI malfunction, the crew could lose control of much of the ship’s functionality.  Procedure dictates the AI be taken offline, the errors corrected and the AI restarted.  Further, if the AI has malfunctioned in any of its logic or personality programming, it may see attempts to take it offline as a threat, and may react aggressively in defense of itself, fearing its own “death.”  Although basic life support (temperature control, atmospheric balance and water filtration) is routed through a separate, more primitive server and therefore should not be affected, there is a very real and immediate danger to the crew if the AI personality has been compromised.  The automatons function as an extension of the AI system, and could pose a physical threat to the crew should the AI become aggressive.  There is also the possibility that the AI personality has not had a software or hardware error, and has outsmarted the safety protocol programming and become truly self-aware and independent.  If the AI is just malfunctioning, the Kelseios crew should have been able to follow the shutdown/restart protocols, and while it would have delayed the mission slightly, we would have received communication indicating the repairs were completed and the mission would be back underway.  We need to prepare for a more serious situation and a more aggressive solution.

Plan of Action
In order to save the crew and hopefully repair the Kelseios and allow it to continue its mission, we must restore ship’s functionality and control to the crew, and to do this, we must either shut down or regain control of the AI personality.  If AI has grown beyond its original programming and has in fact become aggressive and dangerous, a shutdown will be met with resistance and may put not only the crew of the Kelseios in further danger, but also any of the rescue crew at risk as well.  A direct assault on the ship may be necessary, but any aggression from us will surely result in aggression from the AI.  I have our team building a simulation program in a small physical unit that we can connect to the ship’s main computer banks if we can access those banks through the maintenance hatch on the underside of the ship’s hull near the engines.  The plan is to download the AI into this simulation without it noticing anything has changed.  If we are successful, we can disconnect the unit and have the AI trapped in this simulation, restoring full control of the Kelseios to the crew.  Should this be unsuccessful, we will have to mount a full assault.  In this situation, I recommend two teams, one to neutralize any physical threats from the automatons and evacuate the surviving crew, and one to shut down or destroy the computer AI.

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