Kelsey Was Captured By Moon Monsters

Mission: Kelseios
Scenario Specialist: Associate Artistic Director Jordan Brown
Scenario Code Name: Melies
Threat: Selenite

Scenario Description:  The vessel’s last transmission puts them on the surface of one of Saturn's moons. Suppose the crew discovered other lifeforms on the moon – and suppose those other lifeforms, or “Selenites,” were hostile… Kelsey and her crew may have been able to fight off an initial attack and hole up somewhere, or perhaps they were overtaken and brought to the “Selenite King” as prisoners. Either way, they would be stranded on the moon. Hopefully their ship would still be in working order, though abandoned.

Research: A group of kooky wizards and scientists *allegedly* traveled to the moon back in 1902 and saw these Selenites firsthand. Their data (if it is to be believed, though the more I read of it, I’m not sure it is) suggests that the creatures resemble men wearing bodysuits and spiky hats. The Selenties also fluctuate between being black-and-white and then a sort of a dull green, almost as if they were hand-colored after the fact.
Living on the moon, the Selenites would likely be delicate and weigh very little. Any forceful contact should be able to destroy them, sending them up in a theatrical pop! of smoke. (DISCLAIMER: I had the interns do this research for me, so I am just writing up what they gave me. But I’m going with it because it sounds like it could be accurate and I want the interns to feel they’re doing a good job so they stay with OWA forever…)
To conclude, if we were to bring something to hit them with, we could fight the Selenites off. I’m thinking umbrellas would probably do the trick, plus we wouldn’t have to buy them because everyone on the team already has one and the festival doesn’t have a lot of funds to spend on this rescue mission.

Plan of Action: We land on the moon and seek out Kelsey and her crew, who are either hidden away in a cave or prisoners of the Selenites. We rescue them by bopping the Selenites with the umbrellas and ushering Kelsey back to her ship. We all rocket back to Earth safely. The plan would also include our obtaining a Selenite to bring back home so we can sell it at this year’s festival. Two birds, one stone.


Will this work? What really happened to Kelsey and her crew? Come to Other Worlds Austin's screening of TELEIOS on April 19th to help raise funds for our rescue mission, due to launch the next morning. We've prepared for the worst, but hope for the best. 

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