An Ode to the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

You know how as you grow older, memories from your early childhood begin to fade or get fuzzy?  It’s sad, really.  Those moments you thought you’d never forget getting lost in the nether-reaches of your brain.  But on the other hand, there are those memories that are solidified permanently.  Those moments that, for some reason, were life-changing or hold a special spot in your heart.  One of these for me was the first time that I ever watched MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS.

I have a very vivid memory of sitting on the floor in the living room of our apartment in Hawaii: I’m checking out my latest Pogs that I was gifted earlier in the day by my family friends (who remembers Pogs, right? You weren’t cool unless you had the best slammer. But I digress...) The TV is turned on and what do I see? MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS. Guys, this show was an eye-opener to me. It was funny (hello, Bulk and Skull!) with terrific action as these superhero teenagers fought monsters and the alien Rita Repulsa.  Their boss Zordon was a floating head akin to the Wizard of Oz with a robot sidekick named Alpha 5.  


Fun fact: I might have had my first crush on Tommy, the Green Ranger.  But honestly, what excited me the most about this show was that one of the main characters was a girl - who wore pink - and kicked ass! Okay, maybe younger me did not phrase it that way - moreso, she was able to fight alongside the guys with fellow female Yellow Ranger and hold her own against all of those evil characters.  This show had it all, and I was addicted.  I remember returning to the states after our vacation and immediately figuring out when it was going to play on our station in Dallas.

I know that over the course of the past couple of decades, MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS has had multiple TV spin-offs. There is even a new movie in theaters right now trying to reboot the franchise - and all the power to them!  If it gets more people interested in this inclusive group of kick-butt teenagers, then that is a good thing because it will send people back to this original group that stole my heart.

Which, speaking of the original group of Rangers, I just wanted to impress on you today: please go rent and enjoy MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS: THE MOVIE (1995).  This movie comes on the scene after a couple of years of the TV show being on air.  The Green Ranger is now the White Ranger. Relationships have formed. Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa find and open a giant egg that has been the prison for Ivan Ooze for 6,000 years.  What happens next over the course of the film is one for the books. Let me tell you - that Ivan Ooze is one of the best, memorable villains. Yes, this movie will have that excellent mid-90s charm and special effects.  But look past that and enjoy one of my favorite SciFi/Fantasy films from my childhood.  Added bonus - the soundtrack is pretty darn amazing.

So go watch it and let me know your thoughts (I would let you borrow my VHS copy, but it’s pretty worn down from my 100+ viewings...) If you're in Austin, go rent it from I LUV VIDEO!  While you're there, be sure to check out our Other Worlds Austin shelf (over by the new releases!) We've updated it for the new year with alumni films that have played our festival, as well as (of course) more random Scifi & Horror goodness from every cinematic era that our team members love and recommend.