Is Chris Pratt Obsessed with Kelsey?

Mission: Kelseios
Scenario Specialist:  Social Media Director & Programmer Mark Martinez
Scenario Code Name:  Avalon
Threat: Hibernation Pod Malfunction . . . or is it a malfunction?


Scenario Description:  
To conserve resources on the next leg of the interstellar trip, which is a long one, the crew are put into hibernation pods for the duration of this part of the journey. As a good portion of the OWA budget has been spent on Little Caesar’s Pizza and Crazy Bread for the staff meetings, the hibernation pods were purchased second hand . . . though at a good price. Before transmissions from the spacecraft ceased, there appeared to be a malfunction signal from one of the pods. We’re not quite sure. The intern watching the console happened to be Snapchatting at the time of the incident. The signal abruptly ended, so the nature of the malfunction (if there was one) is unknown.

Looking over the profiles and backgrounds of the crew, we discover that mechanical engineer Jim Preston, besides being unusually good looking, has a history of not dealing well with isolation. An examination of his pre-mission psych evaluation may reveal that he exhibits traits that suggest him having a very slight chance of becoming fixated on crewmates. Going back through the computer records at the time of the “malfunction light incident,” we may find that the signal came from his pod. Being alone could’ve been too much for him and he might’ve woken Kelsey to give him some company. This would’ve occurred after he cut off communications to OWA headquarters. He also might’ve concocted a wild story to explain to Kelsey why they were the only two crew members awake.  He may even believe that over time they might form a relationship that would even stand the shock of her finding out that he’d woken her up and had been lying to her the whole time. This theory might seem a bit preposterous  . . . and yes it is. If it were a movie, it definitely would bomb . . . even if it cost over $100 million dollars, boasted pretty flashy special effects, and starred two of the most popular “A-List” actors. 

Plan of Action:  A scenario of this extremely unusual nature would call for a solution just as extreme . ..  and unusual.  For the first time, OWA would have to call in some outside help. Let’s say “waaay outside”...”beyond the fourth wall” outside. This would come in the form of “Operation: P.O.R.” It is a drastic measure that is almost never used, even in cases where it is absolutely necessary.  After much deliberation and taking into account the time, effort, and money that has gone into this project, we would deem it necessary for the sake of the mission that we implement “Operation: Page One Rewrite”.  


Will this work? What really happened to Kelsey and her crew? Come to Other Worlds Austin's screening of TELEIOS on April 19th to help raise funds for our rescue mission, due to launch the next morning. We've prepared for the worst, but hope for the best. 

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