Slipcase-Worthy Comics of Our Era

In honor of the SciFi comedy FUTURE ’38, which screens Wednesday, May 17 at Flix Brewhouse, the OWA staff is creating a Time Capsule to be opened in 80 years.

FUTURE ’38 is a Technicolor valentine to the classic screwball comedies of the 1930s and ‘40s, with a SciFi twist. It’s a time-travel adventure which presents the exotic future-world of 2018 A.D., as imagined by the filmmakers of 1938!

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The OWA Time Capsule is designed to represent the most significant artifacts from our era and to explain to the people of 2097 what we were all about and, frankly, what was wrong with us.

Slipcase-Worthy Comics of Our Era

You HAVE to read these 5 comics! It is the definitive list and there is no room for any other possible opinions! You are outraged at what I didn’t include!

So I guess the first thing you should probably know as you open this time capsule that we for some reason thought was a clever idea, is that the United States is inexplicably obsessed with lists. There was something called “click-bait,” which means articles would have snappy headlines to drive interaction and page views, and lists were the click-baity-est of all. This was before you all had the nodes or whatever implanted into your brains and we still used physically separate computers to access the internet and we had to “click” to open another page. 

Although maybe this future is a bit more like STARSHIP TROOPERS.  So “would you like to know more?” That thing. You get it. Anyway, back then money and advertising were very important, and typically revenue was generated by page views and you really don’t care about any of this do you? I can hear you in my head shouting “SHUT UP OLD MAN AND WHAT THE HELL IS A COMIC BOOK?” Right. Comic books are movies on paper. Here are some good ones.


1. Saga
(written by Brian K. Vaughan)
(art by Fiona Staples)

A fantasy love story/space opera about two ex-soldiers from long-warring extraterrestrial races, who are on the run from authorities because they got married and had a child. It’s got a Romeo and Juliet kind of undertone, space battles, plenty of twists and turns, hardships and highspots, and also a cat that can tell if you’re lying. 







2. Sex Criminals 
(written by Matt Fraction)
(art by Chip Zdarsky)

Two lovers figure out that when they have an orgasm, they can stop time. They bang so they can rob banks. 








3. Captain America: Steve Rogers #1
(written by Nick Spencer)
(art by Jesus Saiz)

Although not one of the best comics in and of itself I just thought it was important that you knew at one point they turned Captain America, the man who PUNCHED OUT HITLER, into a Nazi. Everybody still remembers Hitler and Nazis are bad, right?




4. Faith: Hollywood and Vine
(written by Jodi Houser)
(art by Francis Portela and Marguerite Sauvage)

A young superhero and comic book fangirl gets incredible powers and tries to be like the heroes she has read about and loved her entire life. Complete with reporter secret identity, she quickly figures out it isn’t like she thought it would be. An interesting approach to the superhero book, and I think it’s important because it isn’t just dark angst, or whitewashed positivity, it’s real and heartfelt. Faith is a bit overweight, but comfortable as herself, giving women, and men for that matter, a positive representation of someone without a superhero’s body. It makes her more identifiable. Oh, and we are crazy obsessed with body image right now. Hopefully that nonsense is over with. 



5. Lazarus 
(written by Greg Rucka)
(art by Michael Lark)

A dystopian future set in a world run by a few families, in a new feudalist society. A precious few live in comfort and wealth, while the rest of the population scrapes by on the leftovers. The series follows Forever Carlyle, the military leader of the Carlyle family and their Lazarus: a genetically engineered super soldier capable of regeneration and recovery from death.  A little retro-futurism for you. 




So there you have it, 2097. Comics! I really hope 2097 is more like STAR TREK than MAD MAX. If a Federation historian finds this, well then I hope you liked my choices and I genuinely hope comics still exist as an art form. If nuclear war has eradicated mankind, congratulations, cockroaches. You won. I hope you can get in this capsule and at least eat the book glue.