Workin' On Our Fitness

In honor of the SciFi comedy FUTURE ’38, which screens Wednesday, May 17 at Flix Brewhouse, the OWA staff is creating a Time Capsule to be opened in 80 years.

FUTURE ’38 is a Technicolor valentine to the classic screwball comedies of the 1930s and ‘40s, with a SciFi twist. It’s a time-travel adventure which presents the exotic future-world of 2018 A.D., as imagined by the filmmakers of 1938!

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The OWA Time Capsule is designed to represent the most significant artifacts from our era and to explain to the people of 2097 what we were all about and, frankly, what was wrong with us.

Time Capsule Top 5: Health & Fitness Fads

Every generation has had their own ideas on physical fitness and overall health.  With the help of social media and blogs, health trends spread like wildfire in 2017.  While not everyone in America jumps on each health fad, there is no doubt that healthy is hot right now.  There are new facts and articles that come out each week saying what we should be eating, drinking, and new ways to exercise - not to mention how to dress for these workouts and beyond. To showcase this importance to this time period, I am going to list 5 examples of how our current society tunes into health trends.

  1. Clean eating - People are becoming more aware of what they put in their bodies.  Manufactured foods, while some are not technically malevolent, are being looked down upon as “bad for you” and “unhealthy” due to additive products with hard to pronounce names.  There is a focus on whole, easy to read ingredients.  Brands such as RX BAR flaunt their limited ingredients right on the package front.  This is a highly valuable thing to this generation.  You know what is in the food you are eating and you can feel good about it.

  2. Food Additives - While in the last point, the idea was that there is a shift to whole ingredients, there is a trend now of adding various items to your meals for added health benefits.  Banana bread baked with collagen peptides.  Fresh fruit smoothies with protein powder.  Matcha hemp milk latte with MCT oil.  Steel cut oats made with turmeric.  Each of these additions have their own power and purpose.  There are so many options to choose from when it comes to these additives it can get overwhelming.  Protein powder alone comes in so many different forms (i.e. pea, hemp, whey, etc.)  

  3. Athleisure - Our lean towards healthy lifestyle has taken over even the fashion industry.  While the main heart of this trend is comfort, it began with women wanting stylish workout clothes that they could transition from the studio to brunch without being embarrassed. The trend skyrocketed and activewear not only is found at the gym - women everywhere venture out in designer yoga pants just to go grocery shopping and groups of friends meet for coffee in joggers and crop top sports bras.  There now is even a term called Workleisure, where sweat-wicking fabrics are now being molded into appropriate business attire.  

  4. Franchised Fitness - While going to a normal gym is still an option for many, large numbers are flocking to franchised fitness centers.  Places like SoulCycle, Orangetheory, and Pure Barre are opening up locations all over America (and the world) faster than you could imagine.  These places are fun to go to and allow for a sense of camaraderie and community.  In addition to brick and mortar locations, Instagram fitness bloggers have also risen to high success and notoriety by putting out fitness regimens and workout apps (i.e. Kayla Itsines’ BBG program).

  5. Step Addiction - Phrases such as “Did you make your steps today?” and “Need to get more steps” are among trendy vernacular due to the popularity of fitness trackers such as FitBit and Misfit.  These companies create devices, the most popular being in bracelet form, that track your daily steps, heartbeat, and your sleep patterns.  The devices link up to your phones to help you keep track of your daily goals.  Even cell phones monitor your steps and sleep patterns - with Samsung gently reminding you to reach your daily fitness goal.

There are so many more health trends and fads that are currently front and center.  And we are only in the first half of 2017.  Who knows what else could rise in health-world importance later this year? Honestly, I could write forever on even just the individual aspects that I listed. While some of these trends are merely fads, it is nice that our society has placed an emphasis on being the best person you can be in terms of fitness.  I hope that health and fitness remains on the forefront of people’s minds as we traverse into the future!