Pass the Remote - Tessa on Television Shows

In honor of the SciFi comedy FUTURE ’38, which screens Wednesday, May 17 at Flix Brewhouse, the OWA staff is creating a Time Capsule to be opened in 80 years.

FUTURE ’38 is a Technicolor valentine to the classic screwball comedies of the 1930s and ‘40s, with a SciFi twist. It’s a time-travel adventure which presents the exotic future-world of 2018 A.D., as imagined by the filmmakers of 1938!

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The OWA Time Capsule is designed to represent the most significant artifacts from our era and to explain to the people of 2097 what we were all about and, frankly, what was wrong with us.



How do I begin to pick? I was raised on television, so after much debating and hemming and hawing, here are my top 5 favorite television shows of the past 5 years. I chose some based on the educational merit of the times and others on the taste of entertainment of our times. Things start off fairly light-hearted and get darker as we go on.

So let's kick it off with my favorite pseudo-time traveler, Kimmy Schmidt. 

1. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Depending on how things go these next few years, this story of a girl living in a bunker may become extremely relatable. Kimmy is a middle school girl who was abducted and forced into an underground apocalypse cult in 1998. It is now 2013 and Kimmy is 29 years old with no knowledge of the past 15 years and decides to move to New York City and comedy ensues. Kimmy is basically a human time capsule. Not sure how relatable this series will be without encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture of the 90s. But as far as I know, Goosebumps might be required classical literature read in all schools in the future. 

2. How I Met Your Mother 

People might tease me for liking this one, but it’s a look at friendship, dating, and marriage. That age old question: can men and women just
be friends? Do we each have a soul mate? Or someone that is perfect for us in that moment in time? It's pretty smart how they filmed all the scenes with the kids of the main character before the completion of the series so they stayed the same age, because the series is just stories told by a father to his kids in one sitting. They had the entire story written out beforehand and didn't end up writing themselves into a corner like many TV shows end up doing. 

3. The Walking Dead

Just when zombie movies were wearing out their welcome, THE WALKING DEAD came shuffling and groaning onto the scene. Based off the comics of the same name, this tv series is the best choice to represent our obsession with the undead. In TWD, it becomes more about the human drama and interactions than the zombies, which are really just symbolic of obstacles to overcome. And some humans choose to survive by becoming more horrifying than the zombies themselves.

4. Stranger Things

What better TV series to represent the past 5 years, than a film about the 80s? This is an ode to our looking to the past and love of nostalgia. A chimera of things we hold dear; a sweet electronic soundtrack in the styling of John Carpenter, heavy inspiration by Steven Spielberg and Stephen King, a loveable rag-tag gang of kids not unlike those of MONSTER SQUAD or THE GOONIES, amazing special effects and creature design, and time period accurate costuming, hairstyles, and vehicles (except for one). It’s the perfect retro-melting pot of SciFi and Horror. 

5. 13 Reasons Why

This series touches on some very serious topics; suicide, rape, bullying, stalking, drunk driving, alcoholism, drug use, etc. Some people worry that it glamorizes suicide, but really the creators are just trying to open up a dialogue about these issues. 13 REASONS WHY shows that there is nothing glamorous about suicide and it affects everyone in the community. Hopefully by the time this is read, rape culture, teen suicide, and bullying in schools are all things of the past. Definitely some heavy material to cover.

There are so many more amazing shows and if they haven't been totally lost to time, radiation, or mandated erasure by the government or ruling entities I'd highly recommend checking out more shows from the 2010s. Top Marks!