OWA Profile: Mark Martinez


It’s finally time to meet Mark Martinez, OWA Programmer and Social Media Director! Mark came to Other Worlds Austin from that slightly peculiar, darkly clad cousin of the SciFi genre… Horror. He also works for Garth Manor Cinema , covers the horror genre for various media outlets, and is in charge of horror programming for FanboyTV, which is the home for his show 'Mark of the Beast'.


1. Where are you from originally and what brought you to the Austin area?

I’m originally from the hot, dry West Texas area. Moved to Austin for college and almost sweat off half my body weight the first day because of the humidity. You will never find two more different places, climate and culture wise, than Austin and West Texas.


2. How long have you been a cinephile? 

As long as I can remember, I’ve always loved film.


3. What appeals to you most about Science Fiction and Horror?

What appeals to me about both genres is that when they are done well, they’re able to make even the most fantastical situation relatable to the viewer and draw them into the story both emotionally and intellectually.


4. Did any particular film or TV show have an early influence on you? 

TV wise, that would have to be ROBOTECH. Every morning, before school, it would show on KTVT out of Dallas. My six-year-old self had never experienced storytelling like that in any cartoon that I’d ever seen.  Movie wise, there are too many to list. Have a drink with me at our next screening and I’ll talk your ear off about them…


5. You’re heavily into the Horror community in Austin. What are your Horror credentials? 

Well, besides just being a HUGE horror fan, I had a local television program that covered the horror genre. I also did some “journalisty” written stuff.  I’ve worked in multiple capacities on various horror related film projects. As a matter of fact, the next one is happening quite soon…


6. What do you consider to be the Golden Age of Horror? 

My golden period would be the 80’s. I say that because that is when a waaay too young me was allowed to watch those films that would introduce me to the genre. For that I say “Thank You” to my older siblings…


7. What do you like about being a programmer and Social Media Director for OWA?

I like that we are able to introduce our filmgoers to scifi and horror films that they may never have otherwise gotten a chance to see.  My “Christmas” is seeing the festival goers “unwrapping” their film presents that we’ve spent the year putting together. 


8. What do you like to do when you’re not watching films?

Is there anything else besides watching films? Well, I guess looking for films to watch…


9. Is there anything else that people should know about you?

I am fluent in Polish profanity. No, really, I’m not kidding….