Other Worlds Austins next Orbiter screening is the Texas premiere of DAVE MADE A MAZE on Wednesday, July 19 at Flix Brewhouse.

In the film, Dave, an artist who has yet to complete anything significant in his career, builds a fort in his living room out of pure frustration, only to wind up trapped by the fantastical pitfalls, booby traps, and critters of his own creation.

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OWA founder, Bears Fonte, has approved a rescue mission to help save Dave from his maze. But he said not all staff members can go on the mission—who will be left to run the festival? He has tasked Dan Repp, Senior Programmer and Event Director, with interviewing OWA staff to determine who goes into the maze. Next up is Reid Lansford, programmer and Director of Registration.


Dan Repp: So why should you be a part of this dangerous resc-

Reid: Woah, let me stop you right there Chief. I’m not going in that thing.

Dan: Oh really?

Reid: Really.

Dan: And why’s that?

Reid: A few reasons. First of all, this is Dave’s problem. Not mine. Nobody told him he had to build a maze.

Dan: Don already made that point.

Reid: And it bears repeating! This is America in 2017. You make a mistake, you live with it!

Dan: Fine. Any other reasons?

Reid: Well, Bears can’t run this festival without me. And he knows it.

Dan: Actually Bears said that as far as expendable members of the staff go, you’re right near the top of-


Dan: Okay sure, but we need to get in there and get Dave out!

Reid: Why? If we go in and save him, there’s no movie!

Dan: Or THAT is the movie.

Reid: How many laws of reality are we bending here? Why would we suddenly be in the movie?

Dan: …what were we talking about?

Reid: And even if we did send the elite OWA Team to go in there after a montage introducing each one of us and our individual skill set in lieu of an actual defining character trait, isn’t this thing full of dangerous traps and what not?

Dan: Well, yeah.

Reid: And isn’t most of our programming unrelentingly dark and dreary, with rarely any happy endings?

Dan: Not all of it! People loved that funny one with the Time Machine. Nobody died there!

Reid: So, you want us, and most importantly, me to go in there? Like lambs to the slaughter in a standard issue lighthearted OWA romp? No way. Dave’s on his own here.

Dan: Fine. What should we tell Dave’s family? That we just left him in there to meet his doom?

Reid: Okay, given the circumstances… a one-time small discount for them on a badge is fair, I think.

Dan: On the Supermassive Black Hole badges?

Reid: No! The cheapest one. And only one badge.