Pointy Elbows vs Cardboard

Other Worlds Austins next Orbiter screening is the Texas premiere of DAVE MADE A MAZE on Wednesday, July 19 at Flix Brewhouse. 

In the film, Dave, an artist who has yet to complete anything significant in his career, builds a fort in his living room out of pure frustration, only to wind up trapped by the fantastical pitfalls, booby traps, and critters of his own creation. 

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OWA founder, Bears Fonte, has approved a rescue mission to help save Dave from his maze. But he said not all staff members can go on the mission—who will be left to run the festival? He has tasked Dan Repp, Senior Programmer and Event Director, with interviewing OWA staff to determine who goes into the maze. Next up is Jordan Brown, Associate Artistic Director:

Other Worlds vs. Dave’s Maze

Dan: Jordan, you’re here because we feel you’re one of the top contenders for our maze mission. You’re organized, you’re cautious, but we’ve noticed you also have this real rage against the patriarchy that we feel we could harness into maze warrior qualities.

Jordan: This is great! I’ve been antsy to get out of the office anyway. By the way, did you read the other day about these men’s rights activists that-

Dan: Yeah, terrible. They’re entitled and they suck. I completely agree. Cool. Well, we do have to talk through a few more things to get to know your qualities better. Now, the maze might be dangerous, and we might face other creatures inside. Can you throw a punch?

Jordan: Honestly probably not very well, but I do have these [holds up one of her elbows, a sharp pointy trident of bone.]

Dan: Damn! [writes in notebook, furtively looking up now and then at the elbow]. And this, you know, is just precautionary stuff. It’s not the goal to get violent, only if it comes down to that.

Jordan: Of course [sharpening one elbow with a nail file]

Dan: What about strategic thinking? Problem solving?

Jordan: I mean, Bears and I have basically kept this festival afloat with very little money or sponsorship. And the use of free labor. Thanks for that, by the way.

Dan: Uh, sure.

Jordan: And let’s just cut to the chase, here. I’m guessing you asked Reid and he refused to go in. Don too, he’s more of a behind-the-scenes guy. And were you even able to find Michael to ask him? That beard is getting pretty intense. I was sitting right next to him the other day and didn’t recognize him for a good 20 minutes. And Tessa would probably just choose to live in the fort, she loves that crafty shit.

Dan: This is a surprisingly accurate conclusion you’ve drawn.

Jordan: Yeah, well, let’s say it. I’m your last hope. And I’ll be safe. Bears doesn’t know half of the spreadsheets and emails I use. He needs me. I’m non-expendable. But I said I needed more excitement in my life, so this was our compromise: he commissioned Tessa to make me a cardboard bodysuit padded with bubble-wrap so I can’t possibly die in there.

Dan: Well…uh…cool! I guess that’s settled.

Jordan: And don’t worry, there’s an opening in the sleeves so my elbows can be used to stab if need be. You’ll be safe with me. When do we leave?

Time to enter the maze! Wednesday, July 19 at Flix Brewhouse.