Cream and Sugar with That?

Other Worlds Austin’s next Orbiter screening is the Texas premiere of DAVE MADE A MAZE on Wednesday, July 19 at Flix Brewhouse. 

In the film, Dave, an artist who has yet to complete anything significant in his career, builds a fort in his living room out of pure frustration, only to wind up trapped by the fantastical pitfalls, booby traps, and critters of his own creation.

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OWA founder, Bears Fonte, has approved a rescue mission to help save Dave from his maze. But he said not all staff members can go on the mission—who will be left to run the festival? He has tasked Dan Repp, Senior Programmer and Event Director, with interviewing OWA staff to determine who goes into the maze. Next up is Michael Thielvoldt, Programmer and Tour and Transport Director.


Cream and Sugar with That?

Dan has tracked Michael to a posh East Side coffee shop. The interior of the shop is dark with heavy slashes of dusty light cutting up the space. Plants hang from the ceiling while velvet paintings and sepia toned photographs decorate the exposed brick facades of the walls. It’s difficult to see, but based on the smells, sounds, and selective visibility a few details rack into focus: in one corner, baristas grind freshly roasted beans and bathe the room in plumes of steam like film noir cigarette smoke; against the far wall, a three-legged dog rolls on its back from side to side in metronomic rhythm with the ceiling fan; and, littered throughout, entranced patrons stake claim to personal spaces with coffee cup boarders and markers of countless individual tasks. This is where Dan finds Michael half reclining, feet up in a corner. He looks to have spent hours sipping fragrant espresso concoctions and reading a book. The title: Socrates, Maieutics, and Influence.

Dan Repp: Finally; this is the eighth coffee shop I’ve checked! There’s not even a sign out front of this one. Had to pay a guy on the corner just to show me how to get inside. Where do you even find these places?

Michael looked up from his book after a few seconds, took a sip from his coffee, and stared at Dan silently.

DR: Anyway. You know I have to pick a team for this whole Dave rescue thing. I’ve already talked to a few of the other staff members and it promises to be a pretty sweet gig. Why should I take you?

Michael Thielvoldt: Why shouldn’t you take me?

DR: Pretty cocky. Well, what do you have to offer? Do you have any skills that would make you a good candidate for a search and rescue operation in a cardboard maze?

MT: What kinds of skills are you looking for?

DR: Ummm...well, I guess spatial orientation skills. Maybe some familiarity with fighting, logic, possibly origami. I don’t really know what we’re going to run into in there. Do you have any of those kinds of skills?

MT: What do you think?

DR: Fair point. I mean you seem to find places like this pretty easily. So, you must know how to navigate to some degree. And, you are reading...what is that a philosophy book?

MT: What does it look like?

DR: Yeah, yeah. Okay. Do you really have origami skills?

MT: Do you have to ask? 

DR: Jeez; okay. Point made. You’re on the team. I’ve a few more staffers to interview about this, so I’m going to take off. Do you know how to get out of here?

MT: Don’t you?

DR: No. That’s literally why I’m asking you. Honestly, I’m not even really sure how I got in here in the first place. 

Michael remains silent, takes another sip from his mug and stares.

DR: Seriously! How do I get out of here?

MT: How do you think? 

DR: Are you kidding me? What am I supposed to...I don’t know...pull this thing?

Dan hears a kind of rushing WHOOSH and is surprised to find himself standing on the street corner once more, his eyes squinting with unfamiliarity to the light. A smile creeps its way across his lips as he shakes his head.

DR: Man, he’s good.