CLOUD ATLAS: Rose to the Rescue

Other Worlds Austin’s next Orbiter screening is the Texas premiere of DIVERGE on Wednesday, August 16 at Flix Brewhouse.

In the film, a man discovers how far he’s willing to go to return to the one he loves, and what he stands to lose in doing so. In the aftermath of a global pandemic, one survivor is given the chance to travel across time to stop the cataclysmic event and regain everything he has lost. To do that he must kill the man responsible for sowing the seeds of mankind’s destruction - his past self.

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Some of the OWA staff, using our handy-dandy time machine, went back in time to change one thing about their favorite dystopian film to see how the timelines DIVERGE. The shocking results are reported here. Today, Hospitality Director Debbie Cerda explores a potential change in the events of CLOUD ATLAS.


“Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others. Past and present. And by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.”

These short and big words ring the true true in my Smarts.

I think of Grammy when she first met Grampy. He didn’t have the Smart then to unnerstan, when she yibbered about a hunger in our hearts, a hunger for more.

But I know. I felt the yearnin’ in my bones and in the Smarts unner the Stars, lookin at Earth, afta Grampy yibber yabbers of the God Sonmi. How he and Auntie Catkin was saved from Old Georgie by Sonmi and Grammy.

Grammy - some  knows her as Old Un Meronym – went to the valley, and rescued Grampy from Ha-why in the time known to the Old Uns as 2321. Lots of bad things happened – when I ask, Grampy gets quiet, and Auntie Catkin says “no speak speak” of the bad times.

They crossed the night sky in The Great Ship, joining the Colonies along with the last of the Elder Prescients, Grampy and Grammy made a home for Auntie, crying in her heart and dark demons screamin’ in her head. Grammy says it’s the Kona in their graves, but it was long times before Auntie found the Braves.

It was the orison – the one that Grampy lets us hold so we can see and hear Sonmi – that gave her the Big Smarts. And connected to what she learned at the Colonies School, how all is connected. And if all is connected, why not return to the past? 

It is time. Auntie has worked hard with the Younger Prescients to make special orisons, to travel through time. And I am to help.

I am to journey back to Haw-why, to before the Fall for a rescue mission. I take with me two special orisons Auntie Catkin left for me to take care of. Mine tells me where to go, to find a place called “Papa Song.”  For I am small, who sees a young un where there are many?

Auntie Catkin been there a spell, in the most awful place called the Litehouse. She says it’s “worse than the Kona demons, dead or alive.” She wears robes the color of fresh blood, and won’t speak of what she sees. I fearin’ the demons be screamin’ for her all the time now. 

She say we canna stop all the hurts in the hearts. We canna save Yoona-939, the collars can’t go a missing, but I have an extra orison hidden for Sonmi-451, with a greater gift from the Elder Prescients. The knowledge that Sonmi will know to be the true true, to be ready when the Death Door is about to open. 

Auntie will be there, with her hand on the Machine – and Sonmi-451 will know to make like the dead. Before Sonmi is to be taken to Xultation, Auntie Catkin will use her special orison to bring Sonmi to the Colonies. To live immortal in a safe place, teach us anew, and then maybe Auntie’s demons will sleep at last. 

I’m small and not lived, loved, or have the Smarts like my Auntie and Grammy, but Imma do what I do. Tonight after dinner, I walked on the beach, looking up at that shimmerer of Earth. I pondered the words written on the great Wall of Remembrance in our city square:

“My life amounts to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean. Yet what is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?”

With hope,