Canceling the Apocalypse: An Interview with Joseph M. Morton

Other Worlds Austin’s next Orbiter screening is the Texas premiere of DIVERGE on Wednesday, August 16 at Flix Brewhouse.

In the film, a man discovers how far he’s willing to go to return to the one he loves, and what he stands to lose in doing so. In the aftermath of a global pandemic, one survivor is given the chance to travel across time to stop the cataclysmic event and regain everything he has lost. To do that he must kill the man responsible for sowing the seeds of mankind’s destruction - his past self.

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Some of the OWA staff, using our handy-dandy time machine, went back in time to change one thing about their favorite dystopian film to see how the timelines DIVERGE. The shocking results are reported here. Today, Social Media Director Mark Martinez has a surprsing chat with the "villain" of MAD MAX: FURY ROAD.

The world has fallen into a dystopia of apocalyptic proportions. Shortages of food, water, fuel and the effects of nuclear catastrophe have turned the earth into a barren wasteland. The only thing that matters to the “lucky” few who remain is survival. But there is a chance to change this. A device has been created that can send someone back in time to fix what went wrong. This one person would seem to be the most unlikely of “heroes,” in that they have thrived in this new world and have built up an “empire” in the scorched earth.

   This person is Joseph M. Morton, Joe to his very few friends. He is the founder of Aqua Cola Industries, slogan “The original clear soda pop!”. As the owner of the largest carbonated beverage company in Australia, Joseph has created many “friendships” high up in the political realm. One of these ties might just pay off in saving the world.

   We spoke with Mr. Morton before he undertook this daring attempt to cancel the apocalypse:

First, let me say that what you’re doing is very brave.
You don’t have to tell me that. Bravery is something that you are not necessarily born with. Most people are not instilled with it. They look to brave people to lead them. To provide for them. To rule them. I am that person.

Lead them you have. Building this empire from the scorched earth, you’ve become almost a god…
Gods are myths, stories, fairy tales. I am real. I have used my knowledge advanced knowledge of hydro extraction and processing to build a society for and give life to the people that I watch over. Without me, they would’ve turned to dust, like the ground that they stand on.

With all this power that you’ve attained, might I ask, why are you doing this? Going back in time and “resetting” everything would erase all that you’ve built.
Mmmmmmmmm…..Let’s come back to that one….

No worries. Let’s talk a bit about the plan you have to set everything right.
As you might have read in my third autobiography, I didn’t grow up with any power…literally. I grew up in a very simple shack in the outback. No electric or running water. That was a driving force that led to my fascination with water. That, combined with my extremely high intellect, resulted in me getting a scholarship to the university in Melbourne. Years and many accomplishments later, I was the head of the largest soft drink company in Australia. I was listed many times over as one of the wealthiest people in Forbes magazine. 

All of us are well aware of your very remarkable and inspiring story, but how will that be used to change the past?
Well, in university, I was not only a very brilliant student, but also a very accomplished bootballer. You might’ve heard of the numerous intercollegiate titles that my team “The Wallabies” won during my time there. Well, it just so happens, that a mate of mine from the team, went on to become the CEO of the largest petroleum company in Australia. “That” company, whose participation in the oil embargo, played a vital part in what ended up happening to this country. I will tell him the ramifications of his decisions and I’m sure that he will “see the light”.

I hate to say this, but that plan seems a little bit tenuous at best. So many things could go wrong . Might I even say, not all that logical.
When it comes to things of the science fiction nature, logic is one thing that you shouldn't put too much value in, if any at all. Besides, once I reminded him that I gave up the winning goal against Sidney Polytechnic, passing to him. A score that helped him “score” for the rest of his college career, I’m sure he’ll listen to me.  It’s all science.

I’m not so sure that it’s exactly science, but the plan is novel, to say the least. Might I bring up a subject that might be a little touchy?
I told you that we’d come back to that.

No, what I’m talking about is, ummmm, your appearance. Some might say that it is a little bit, shall we say extreme?
I don’t know what you mean. Might you elaborate?

Do you think that it will hurt your chances of successfully fulfilling this mission?
I know that my hair might be a bit thinner and greyer and that I might’ve put on a few pounds, but I am definitely still fit.  I doubt if any of my mates look as good as I do at this age. Don’t know if they’re alive at all, for that matter.

Fair enough, now back to that question about why exactly you’re doing this . . .
I’m sorry but I do believe that they are calling me. It was a pleasure chatting with you. I’ll see you at the gates of Valhalla.