Desert Island Debbie Gibson: No Thanks


Other Worlds Austin’s next Orbiter screening is the Texas premiere if ISLAND ZERO on Wednesday, September 20 at Flix Brewhouse.

In the film, a fishing community on a remote Maine island finds itself suddenly cut off from the rest of the world after the ferry stops coming. When people start to vanish, the terrified survivors realize that someone - or something - is hunting them.

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What if you were cut off from the world, stuck on an island with no electricity or cell service and food dwindling? Oh, and something terrifying is hunting you. Who would you want by your side? More specifically, what ONE fictional scientist would you want helping you in this situation and why?

Some of the OWA staff haven given you their answers. Lastly is Dan Repp, Senior Programmer, who flips the script a bit and learns who NOT to be stuck on an island with:

To Whom this Message May Find,

Not Dan Repp in background

Not Dan Repp in background

Renowned oceanographer Emma MacNeil and myself, moderately overweight communications graduate/film programmer Dan Repp, have been marooned on a small island in the Pacific. We have not seen a plane or boat pass by since we washed up on shore after the Mega Shark ingested us and then regurgitated us during a fight with a Super Gigantic Sea Sponge.  This message in a bottle is our only hope to reach the rest of the world.  I just hope it reaches someone in time.

Life on Shock Your Mama Island has improved no thanks to my “brilliant” island mate. I let her name the island before I knew about her unhealthy obsession with popular 80’s artist Debbie Gibson. She makes me sing "Anything is Possible" before every meal. I told her I saw Debbie Gibson perform at a mall outside of a Build-a-Bear last year. I don’t have the heart to tell her that I don’t think Mrs. Gibson was actually booked by anyone. I think she was just reliving her Electric Youth Mall Tour of 1988.


I built us a shelter, designed a fishing rod, set traps for animals and found a small fresh water source in the middle of the island.  Emma has tried to help with the fishing and hunting but her tactics are not efficient.  She refuses to bait a trap or fishing hook because it’s gross.  So she keeps trying to pit like-sized animals against each other in hopes that they will kill each other. I tell her it’s not going to work but she keeps listing off all the Mega Sharks, Giant Octopuses and Mecha Sharks she has defeated in this way.  There are only rabbits and squirrels on this island. She led two bunnies so they would meet face to face and called it the "Thrilla in Manila."  The bunnies had sex and went on their way.  

We have the resources to last a lifetime here, but I’m not sure I can endure another five minutes with her.  When she isn’t talking about Debbie Gibson, she makes on-the-nose statements about our predicament like she’s providing exposition in a SyFy Channel Original Movie. Every time I tell her to “Shut Up” she starts singing "Silence Speaks" which stings even worse because the lyrics really hit home with me and oddly describe our situation perfectly.

Based on the position of the stars, I believe we are a few hundred miles north of the equator. Please send help before I give up and swim out to find my way back into the guts of the Mega Shark.



Dan Repp