Meet Eric Harrelson, OWA's new Programmer and Screenwriting Director

We at Other Worlds Austin are proud to introduce the newest member of our team, Eric Harrelson! Eric is coming on board as a Programmer and Screenwriting Director. Readers of our blog are already quite familiar with Eric. In the past few years, he has contributed articles on Nostalgia in Stranger Things, Futurism, the rise of AI and cosmic metaphysics. He also is a writer and contributor for Blood Over Texas, appearing on their monthly podcast, and has worked for the Alamo Drafthouse in various capacities, including transportation and talent liaison for Fantastic Fest.  

This year our Screenwriting Contest has a new sponsor, Save the Cat!®, new exciting prizes, and new deadlines (hint: early deadline is April 30th). With that in mind, we figured it was time to finally get a team member to focus on running the competition. We are looking forward to the vision he is going to bring to OWA in this new role. Read on for a little insight into Eric and be sure to say hi to him at our next event!

Where are you from originally and what brought you to Austin?

I'm originally from Ohio. I visited Austin in 2003 and really liked the city, so I moved here all by my lonesome with all of my worldly possessions stuffed in my 1988 Volkswagen Scirocco.

What drew you to want to join the OWA team?  

I did an interview with Bears for Blood Over Texas the first year of the festival, and covered the whole thing as well. I liked how the festival was run and I dug the programming. Dan approached me the next year and asked if I'd like to help out as part of the screening team, and I jumped at the chance. After that I may have mentioned a billion times that I wanted to be more involved if they had something for me, and this year they asked if I wanted to come on as Screenwriting Director.  

What are you looking forward to the most being the Screenwriting Director?

I hope I get to read a script in its infancy, and then see it turn into something down the line.  

What is your favorite SciFi TV show or film?

Well, I love all the heady existential stuff, 2001, Solaris, Moon. But I also love Star Trek: The Next Generation. It has aged remarkably well I think.  

What appeals to you most about the SciFi genre?

As I mentioned, I do love the existential stuff. But I think what I like most about SciFi is the shear possibility. You want to write a story about Cyborg Tigers that were originally intended to be used as weapons by the Chinese government, but then turned on their masters and created a resplendent Cyborg Tiger City and are now petitioning to join the UN? Yep, go right on ahead. Is your story an alternate history where Napoleon succeeded and the French rule both Western and Eastern Europe, and we all get 4 weeks paid vacation, 2 hour lunches and universal health care? Boom. Done.


What do you like to do when you are not doing stuff for OWA?

I do a podcast a monthly podcast as part of Blood Over Texas, I read books and comics, and I play the vidja games sometimes as well.

Is there anything else that people should know about you?

I am an unabashed fan of Professional Wrestling, and have been ever since I was a kid back in the 80's. First wrestler I marked out for was Jake the Snake Roberts.