Great Scott: Jordan & Doc Brown are stuck on an island


Other Worlds Austin’s next Orbiter screening is the Texas premiere if ISLAND ZERO on Wednesday, September 20 at Flix Brewhouse.

In the film, a fishing community on a remote Maine island finds itself suddenly cut off from the rest of the world after the ferry stops coming. When people start to vanish, the terrified survivors realize that someone - or something - is hunting them.

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What if you were cut off from the world, stuck on an island with no electricity or cell service and food dwindling? Oh, and something terrifying is hunting you. Who would you want by your side? More specifically, what ONE fictional scientist would you want helping you in this situation and why?

Some of the OWA staff gives you their answers. First off is Jordan Brown, Associate Artistic Director:

Doc Brown: Great Scott!

Jordan Brown: This is clearly not the Brown family reunion party. We must have landed in the wrong place. Why didn’t we just take a regular flight like everyone else in the family?


DB: But Jordan! The DeLorean, it- it was meant to get us there faster, more directly! You really want to just take a commercial flight? Have you no sense of adventure? Besides, where we’re going, we don’t need planes!

JB: Yes we did, we needed a plane! It was an island getaway reunion! And where actually are we, by the way? Since it’s clearly not- what was that? [Looks around in a nervous panic]

DB: I can fix this…let me check back here. [disappears into the exotic ferny brush]

JB: Doc? No really, it sounded like a big animal or something… DOC! [Sighs and rummages around in the car, uncovering the hoverboard] Should I scout up a bit higher? [gets on hoverboard and rises up to the tree-line, peeking around] I don’t see much. Lots of leaves up here blocking my view. I have no idea what’s in there…are you ok?


JB: DOC!! [lowers back to the ground quickly]

DB: THIS IS IT! Help me dig this out! [Jordan pushes past brush to reveal Doc in the sand, frantically digging out an old auto carcass]

JB: I can’t believe there’s an old car on this island! Do you think we can use it for parts to fix the DeLorean? What are the odds? Don’t you need some kind of outside power source to put it back together? How is this going to work??


DB: Well, luckily my trusty Weather Vane-o-matic still has a bit of juice left in it, and it’s telling me that a storm is going to hit tonight! If I can just get the pieces in place, we should be able to harness energy from a well-timed lightning strike to kick this baby into high gear and get out of here!!

JB: This is so incredibly lucky! I’m glad you’re so handy and can fix this within a few hours before the storm!

A FEW HOURS LATER: a heavy rain has hit the island, and thunder can be heard in the distance…

JB: Doc, how’s it coming? I keep hearing something move in the forest. Something BIG…

DB: It’s just the storm! The wind is moving the trees and howling and making you paranoid!

JB: I don’t think so…gah! There it is again!

DB: Almost ready, Jordan, get in the DeLorean! The lightning should hit in just under a minute!

[They both scramble into the car. A low growling can be heard. Lightning is seen in the distance. Suddenly, a sharp crack comes down and hits the engine of the car. Doc acts quickly, cranking the car into drive and speeding across the beach. As they lift off from the ground, the DeLorean is narrowly missed by a swipe from a giant clawed paw…]


JB: Ahhh! I told you!! What was that??

DB: Yes, I thought I caught a glimpse of- but it’s not important. I didn’t want you to worry.

JB: Fair enough. By the way, Doc; I just want you to know that if I had to get marooned on an island with someone, I’m glad it was you. Your quick, out-of-the-box thinking definitely got us out of there.

DB: [smiling] Now let’s see if we can catch the end of this Brown family reunion! Maybe even set the clock back a few hours...

JB: Yes please! But I’m using GPS this time, I don’t care what you say. We’re not in the 80s anymore.