If You Could Know Everything About One Thing

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Other Worlds Austin presents the Texas premiere of DOE, Wednesday, October 17 (7:30PM) at Flix Brewhouse as the last film in OWA’s 2018 Orbiter Screening Series. Director Justin Foia will be in attendance and will do a Q&A after the film.

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In this thriller, a man (Timothy Davis) wakes up with no memory of his past but the ability to speak dozens of languages fluently. After starting a family with his new wife Rachel (Tatyana Ali), he uncovers a startling clue about his former self, and with the aid of his private detective brother-in-law (Mathew St. Patrick) he will race against time to discover his true identity and the clandestine villain (Mira Sorvino) responsible. 

Inspired by the Texas premiere of DOE, Other Worlds Programmer and Registration Director Reid Lansford reveals his very personal choice for knowledge-based super power. Check it out, then reserve your tickets for the Texas premiere of DOE.

 If You Could Know Everything About One Thing


What if you could wake up one day and have unlimited knowledge on any subject? This kind of idea has fueled many speculative pieces of media over the years, and it has a lot of potential because it touches on a very human idea – what would you do? Exploit it? Try to do good?


What subject would you want to know everything about? History? Medicine? Art? Science? Love? Sports Betting? Politics? Botany? Herbology? What Dogs Really Think? Cars? Shoes? Time and Space?

If I could be blessed with being able to wake up one morning and know everything about anything, I’ll tell you exactly what I would do: I would find out who took my shirt.

A few years ago at a company beach party, I emerged from the water to return to my items left by my bag. Everything was right where I left it: phone, wallet, flip-flops… but no shirt. The shirt designed for the very beach party that I had worn there. I reeled around in panic. Everyone from the company was there, and everyone wearing a shirt was wearing that same shirt. Everyone said they didn’t see anything. I choose to believe they were all in on a far-reaching conspiracy.

Scene of the crime. My shirt was last seen here.

Scene of the crime. My shirt was last seen here.

And how deep did it go? What was it about my shirt in particular that made it a target? Who was watching to make sure that I would have my attention elsewhere, allowing the perpetrators the time they needed to execute the heist of the century? To this day, I sometime lay awake at night wondering. Why me? Why my shirt? Are they still out there somewhere? Does they even remember me?

So yeah, some people would want to know who really killed JFK (EVERYONE was in on it) or the truth about aliens. That’s cool. I just want to know who took a part of my life that I’ll never get back. Beach Party Shirt, if you’re out there… we’ll meet again.