Catch This Ghost Film

Horror and comedy films have long been a cult favorite, and they have been gaining more popularity with films like CABIN IN THE WOODS and DALE AND TUCKER VS EVIL. So what do you get when you take THE FRIGHTENERS, GHOSTBUSTERS, and contemporary irreverent humor and blend it together? You get DEADTECTIVES


DEADTECTIVES features a ragtag team of supposed paranormal investigators who actually fake spectral findings to get ratings for their 'reality' TV ghost hunter show. After an exceptionally tame episode their boss demands results in the form of more gore and drama giving them a new case along with some additional crew. Tensions are high as the fate of their show, interpersonal relationships, and souls are on the line. 


The new case is at a gorgeous house (I'm a sucker for an architectural McGuffin). I'm fairly certain its the same house used in the beginning of DRAG ME TO HELL. The special effects appear to mostly be practical which makes sense because one of their new crew, in the film, was a SFX guy named Bob, who rocks a very haggard, fisherman aesthetic. Along with the special effects the props are also on point, with the EMF meter reader and some classic SciFi goggles with tons of lenses and filters. 

I don't want to give anything away before the festival, but it is a good choice if you are an adult fan of silly, fun horror. DEADTECTIVES screens at #OtherWorlds2018 on Sunday 12/9 at 5:15pm. Badges are on sale now!!