Multi-Dimensional Love

“How far would you go to fix a problem in your relationship?” It’s a question we’ve all had to ponder at some point while navigating the inevitable ups and downs of the battlefield that is love. Few among us would travel to another dimension to dispose of our alternate self in order to try and make things right (unless we possesed an RV that had the means to let us travel between those dimensions…)

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 11.00.57 AM.png

THE WRONG TODD focuses on the two Todds (Jesse Rosen) from two alternate timelines, both who have messed things up and both trying in their own way to make things right with their longtime girlfriend Lucy (Anna Rizzo). Science fiction and the romantic comedy are two genres that aren’t usually blended together, but THE WRONG TODD successfully melds them. What’s surprising about the film is that even with some of the usual modern rom-com conventions we’ve come to expect (the slacker afraid of commitment, the best friend trying to find his place in the relationship triangle) and the SciFi elements (the aforementioned interdimensional RV), it doesn’t lose focus on its emotionally involving core. Both versions of Todd have hurt people in their orbit in significant ways, and each one will need to travel to another plane of existence to try and set things right.


Be sure to check out one of my favorite offerings from this year’s #OtherWorlds2018 lineup when THE WRONG TODD screens at 7:30pm on Saturday, December 8th. If you haven’t already, be sure to snag a badge so you’re not left out. There’s only a few left, and not even a time traveling RV will be able to help you check out the festival if you don’t get one before they’re gone.