Mooch U - The College Experience of the Future

Inspired by the Texas premiere of the crazy, college, dystopian film ROCK STEADY ROW (Flix Brewhouse - Wed, July 25 - 7:30pm), the Other Worlds staff has put together some predictions of the College Experience of the Future.

ROCK STEADY ROW centers around a young college freshman who, after his bike is stolen, lands on a college campus and is compelled to take action against the reigning fraternities and ultimately the dean. Writer Bomani Story will be in attendance and will do a Q&A after the screening.

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In the meantime, check out this Future Course Guide from Don Elfant, Director of Marketing and Development:

Mooch U

Anthony Scaramucci College of Public Relations and Policy

(10-day program)

2030 Course Guide


For the sixth year of the Greatest Depression, Mooch U has completely rewritten its Economic syllabus! With no trading partners left, hyper inflation (the TrumpBuck is down bigly against the British Pound), and soaring unemployment, Economics 101 is simpler than ever. This three-hour course delves into all the prevailing theories, including “Trickle Down (your leg) Economics,” “I’ve Got Mine, You Get Yours,” and “Saving for the Future: Mattress vs. Back Yard Solutions.” Requirements: 12 credits in Russian Language; Basic Math (3rd grade level); Cognitive Dissonance recommended.

Political Science:

In less than 15 years, political science theory in the Western World has been completely transformed. Instead of wasting time on quaint institutions like Congress, the Courts, Checks, Balances, etc., politics now is more of an Etiquette Guide than a bunch of egghead theory. New topics include: “Sucking up to the Dick-tater,” “Obfuscating the Obvious,” and “Corruption Cover-Up (or don’t, it doesn’t really matter).” Requirements: Your soul must be left off-campus at all times.  


We are currently looking into this subject to see what it’s all about. On first glance, it seems dumb and unnecessary. Mostly a bunch of liberal clap-trap about the function of human society or some nonsense. We may alter the title of this course to be more relevant for today’s future leaders: Sociopathology.

Electives (not really necessary):

Healthcare, Civil Rights, Freedom of the Press 


With legal immigration a thing of the past and The Wall now complete, our course focuses less on theory and more on practical solutions to today’s immigration threats: tunnels, ladders, and catapults. Requirements: Must be a natural born citizen (Native Americans, however, will need a special waver—it’s easy though, don’t worry about it; just move off-campus for now, and we’ll be right with you. Trust us).


Law Schools may now be unnecessary, but we still offer some Pre-Law courses for fun. In this class you’ll learn how complicated things used to be only a few short years ago. Habeas Corpus? Hilarious. Conflict of Interest? More like Conflicts are Interesting. Right to a speedy trial? What trial? Requirements: Advanced Theology (Christianity preferred), Ethics 101 or beyond is a disqualifier.

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If you think this is scary, don’t forget to check out the Texas premiere of ROCK STEADY ROW (Flix Brewhouse - Wed, July 25 - 7:30pm). 

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