Other Worlds Austin Gothic

On Wednesday, August 22, 2018 Other Worlds Austin will present the World Premiere of THE PERFECT HOST: A SOUTHERN GOTHIC TALE. The screening begins at 7:30pm at Flix Brewhouse and will conclude with a Q&A from director/co-writer Derrick Sims.

In the film, a young woman, while sorting her dead grandmother's affairs, stays in an eerie, southern mansion and soon discovers the matriarch may desire more than just her company. 

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Inspired by the World Premiere and Southern Gothic literature, Other Worlds Austin’s newest staff member, Robyn Paxman, adds her take on the Regional Gothic meme:

Regional Gothic 

is a Tumblr-based literary genre which applies facets of the traditional Southern Gothic genre to other distinct geographical regions (such as Southern California Gothic, Midwest Gothic…). Posts in the genre often are written in the second person, in the format of a bulleted list that details several dark, depressing, moody or creepy aspects of the regional lifestyle.

The genre pays homage to the Southern Gothic literary genre, which often incorporates distinct geographical concepts related to the American Southeast into a dark or sad story.


Other Worlds Austin Gothic

Hi How Are You.jpg

- Everyone who comes to Austin takes a photo next to the “Hi, How Are You” wall sign. The beast locked within loves the visitors.

- Festival goers ask who makes the best BBQ in town. They don’t know how right on the nose they are.

- Urban legends say that each year, the cryptid named Parsec is spotted at Other Worlds Austin. Every time someone tries to capture it in a photo, it shoots back up into space.

- As you come out of the theatre your eyes adjust to the light. Your eyes are always adjusting. The lights never change.

- The line for Alpha Theatre goes 1, 2, 3, 5.  The 4th person is in the bathroom, they must be. Or they are gone just like the 4th person from last year.


- The Round Rock isn’t round. It’s never been round.

- You have tried to find this Flix Brewhouse but end up in a Bermuda triangle of steakhouses. You pass one after another, until they all blend together.