My First Time – Sex in Sci-Fi

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Other Worlds Orbiter presents SEX MADNESS REVEALED, starring Patton Oswalt and Rob Zabrecky. SMR takes the form of an audio commentary that plays out over the little known 1938 STD propaganda film SEX MADNESS (1938). The voice of a persnickety film blogger (Oswalt) interviews the descendant of the original motion picture’s director who harbors a nefarious secret.

Please join us, and director Tim Kirk, for the Texas premiere on Wednesday, September 19 (7:30PM) at Flix Brewhouse. You can get more info and reserve your tickets here. But first, OWA Programmer and Social Media Director, Mark Martinez, shares his personal experience with Sex in SciFi:

Sex has always had a place in the SciFi genre. It has taken many forms: from the campy outrageousness of BARBARELLA, to the dark existentialism of UNDER THE SKIN. There is some aspect of sexuality in a great number of films in the genre. Many articles on the subject, ranging from “The History of Sex in SciFi Films” to your basic “Top 10 Sexiest SciFi Films” are readily available online. So, I decided to take a bit of a different approach to my piece on the topic. I went back more than 30 years to the moment where I first noticed “Sex in SciFi.”


On a Saturday night, back in the 80’s, six-year-old me and my much older, much more mature cousin (he was almost eight) sat down in front of the television, he picked up the remote, and turned the channel to KTVT out of Dallas. I was about to watch a movie that he’d had been telling me about. It was a SciFi film … but also a Horror film! It was the scariest thing he’d ever seen! An alien burst out of this man’s chest!!! So, I’ll preface this by saying that when my cousin told you about a movie, he basically told you about every single scene in the movie. So, I more or less knew everything that I was going to see … but I had to see it. The movie started and I prepared myself to watch ALIEN.


The film played out pretty much how my cousin had told me. They land on the planet, alien jumps on the guys face, it falls off, everyone thinks things are fine, they have dinner, alien bursts out of the guys chest, it kills everyone, including the dude with the beard you think is gonna be the hero, creepy fella is actually a creepy robot, annoying woman who reminds you of your strict homeroom teacher is actually your hero, she shoots the alien into space, she goes to sleep with her cat. The end.

Ok, back it up a bit. The stern woman has saved her cat (at the expense of several crew members), escaped in the little spaceship, and the big spaceship has blown up. They think the alien is dead and they’re getting ready for bed. Then, the woman strips off her uniform and is now in a skimpy tank top and some low, low cut underwear that, as she turns, are revealed to be permanently stuck at “quarter crack”. She proceeds to battle the still alive alien dressed like this. The camera lingers on her form long enough to feel just a little uncomfortable. Kinda like that creepy guy on the bus that stares a bit too long.


I wondered to myself, “If this was the Captain who had survived, would he be fighting the alien in his tighty whities?” Why was she dressed like this? Why did the camera show her the way it did? My cousin turned to me and asked, “Did you like it?” To which I answered, “YEAH!” He then added, “Wasn’t she hot at the end? You could see her butt!” “Well, part of her butt,” I said. “Yeah, she was hot,” he concluded.

This was the first time that SciFi and sexuality (though I didn’t really know what that meant at the time) intersected for me. It was all thanks to ALIEN, Sigourney Weaver, and my cousin, who, as I was leaving added: “She might’ve been hot, but not as hot as Princess Leia in that bikini!”