Teleport This!

Other Worlds Film Festival is excited to announce the first feature for its Orbiter Year-Round Series in 2019: the Texas premiere of the SciFi action comedy AXCELLERATOR. “Axcellerator conjures up the pure joy of the action cinema of the 80s,” says Bears Rebecca Fonté, OW Founder and Artistic Director, “like the unsuspected gem you discovered on the shelves of the video store. Sam J. Jones is no longer out to “save everyone of us,” and instead takes on all comers as a ruthless gun-for-hire.

In this cheeky film, a thief carjacks his way into a handheld teleportation device and a headlining slot on the government’s most wanted list. He teams up with a recently fired checkout clerk to survive and get back to Arizona to pick up her dog from the vet.

The special screening of AXCELLERATOR takes place on Wednesday, June 26 (7:30pm) at Galaxy Highland 10 Theatre, the new (and old) home of Other Worlds Film Festival. Director David Giancola will be in attendance and will do a Q&A after the film.

Get your tickets here!

Inspired by the film, Other Worlds programmer and Transportation Director Robyn Paxman wondered what the perfect teleportation device would be. 


The idea of instant teleportation is something I think we are all wishing for in the near future. Whether it’s to travel to far off places on a whim or just making our morning commute easier. But what is the perfect teleportation device? Science Fiction has given us many examples.

Pokémon Storage System - From POKEMON (1997)

This system allows Pokémon to be stored and transmitted as computer data, and allows Trainers to keep more than the six Pokémon in the party. All of the Pokemon centers are connected to each other, allowing Pokemon to be transferred from center to center, as well as between researchers. This does provide some limitations as the Pokemon must be in the Pokeballs to be transferred, and of course, it transportS Pokemon not people. but if it could…. Don’t you think that’d be weird? not weird weird but exciting weird.

Portal Gun- From PORTAL (2007)

Designed to create and place portals on any white surface that is immobile, flat and large enough – also that surface must be actual moon rocks, actual sediment from the fucking moon! When the device is fired, a colored projectile emits from the barrel. While just being able to pull a trigger and create a portal does sound like a great rush, the gun isn’t suitable for long distance travel, and it must be difficult to find a white, immobile surface to create the portal on in anyone’s home. Definitely not mine.


The Stargate- From STARGATE SG1 (1997) 


Created by an Alien race known as the Ancients, the Stargates are a network of structures that create wormholes allowing for almost instantaneous travel through two points in space. Unfortunately, it is a very large stationary structure. Before you travel, you must go to it. Also the “dialing” system is super confusing. So, while it’s great for instant off-planet travel, it holds no further appeal to me.

Interdimensional Extrapolator - From THE FLASH (2014)

Created by Cisco Ramon to make “breaches” between various Alternate Earths and to different locations on the same Earth as well, It’s a nice little handheld disc-like object. I could easily lose it in my big lady purse. Also, going to alternate Earths won’t help me get to work faster.


Wristwatch Communicator - From MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS (1993)

While Alpha had the ability to teleport the team, it was only when Zordon calls on them. The Rangers themselves didn't have any control over it. It isn’t until Billy creates the communicator watches that taps into the teleportation matrix that they become self-sufficient and are able to travel to and from the Command Center to whatever battle needs their attention.


I think it’s safe to make a decision on what the best kind of teleportation device is. It’s something wearable. Something that can be disguised as just an enhancement your outfit. Maybe an outrageous statement necklace. Or chunky bracelets. Or a large broach you got from your Grandma. Definite something you can’t drop.

Want to see the latest SciFi teleportation device? Then get your tickets for the Texas premiere of AXCELLERATOR! We’ll see you there.